Vision Technologies installing passive optical LAN at Washington healthcare clinic

Feb. 10, 2017
The passive optical LAN at Columbia Basin Health Association’s new Othello, WA campus will span a 78,000-sf clinic, residential units, a wellness center and two retail business sites.

Network integrator Vision Technologies Inc. recently announced it has been awarded a contract to provide Columbia Basin Health Association (CBHA) with a passive optical network infrastructure to support their new clinic building in Othello, WA. “CBHA has a strong tradition of expanding access to healthcare services and providing comprehensive and high-quality services to the communities they serve,” Vision Technologies said when announcing the contract award.

Describing what the passive optical LAN/passive optical network will support, Vision Technologies explained, “CBHA relies on technology to enable care delivery via electronic medical records (EMR), electronic dental records (EDR), digital radiology for medical and dental, pharmacy management systems (PMS), pharmacy robotics and more. CBHA selects and leverages its technology purchases not only to enable care delivery but also to support business processes, to recruit and retain staff, to promote patient satisfaction, and to provide the business-intelligence measures needed for effective decision-making.

“The installation environment begins with the 78,000-square-foot clinic that is currently under construction,” Vision Technologies added. “Ultimately, it will extend to residential units, a wellness center, and two retail business sites, all to be located on a 20-acre campus in Othello, WA.”

In addition to the applications described earlier, the passive optical LAN system will support building automation, access control, security cameras, on-demand video education, satellite TV, VoIP phones, fax, and voice-quality WiFi. Vision is providing a Tellabs passive optical LAN solution supporting more than 1,300 ports throughout the new clinic. Vision also is providing the network management software application and training for CBHA staff. The system design, Vision explained, will enable future growth and flexibility for any Ethernet application.

CBHA’s director of clinical services Doug Thompson explained, “We were seeking a partnering relationship with a company capable of designing and implementing a high-speed, highly reliable GPON [Gigabit Passive Optical Network] in our newest clinic, currently under construction. Preference was given to companies that can also train CBHA’s technical staff on system operation to provide upper-tier support on an ongoing basis. We are very pleased to be working with Vision Technologies on this project.”

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