J-Hook Cable Support Extender provides a 12-inch support platform

March 26, 2018
MonoSystems’ J-Hook Cable Support Extender reduces cable stress points, strain, sag, and heat buildup.

MonoSystems recently introduced the J-Hook Cable Support Extender, a patented product that was designed to provide a 12-inch-long by 2.75-inch-wide support platform. The company points out a traditional J-hook provides 2 inches of support. “The longer platform has been proven to reduce cable stress points, strain, sag, and heat buildup,” MonoSystems stated. “All are key factors relating to today’s J-hook installations.”

The J-Hook Cable Support Extender is a plenum-rated J-hook platform that snaps into MonoSystems’ The Hook—which the company describes as an infinitely linkable J-hook system. “Introduced several years ago, The Hook System allows the patented J-hooks to infinitely link together without the need for additional hardware or time-consuming labor, creating a secure, tiered cable support system for segregation of cabling media into separate pathways to prevent crossover,” the company noted.

Mark Ross, director of marketing for MonoSystems, commented, “In effect, the new J-Hook Cable Support Extender bridges the gap between the J-hook and a cable tray. It offers the best of both worlds—lower material costs, less labor, installation flexibility and better support for high-performance cables.”

Jordan Handler, MonoSystems’ president, added that when the company introduced the J-Hook Cable Support Extender at the BICSI Fall Conference in September 2017, that show “was a huge success for this product introduction. Many conference attendees came up to our booth to see the H-CSE-12 [the Cable Support Extender’s product number] because they heard about it on the floor of the show or during a presentation. The product has already been specified by many system engineers.

In its formal announcement of the J-Hook Cable Support Extender’s introduction, MonoSystems further elaborated on The Hook System and the Extender’s incorporation into it: “Unlike other J-hook designs that incorporate a curve shape, The Hook design features a wide, flat base, which greatly reduces cable stress points and pinching. When the H-CSE-12 is mated with The Hook System, the unit (J-hook plus extender) provides an extended 12-inch-long, 2.75-inch-wide, flat platform that offers greater support while avoiding potential heat buildup. Product applications apply to high-performance communications cabling, security, Voice over IP, Power over Ethernet, and fiber-optic cabling. The J-Hook Cable Support Extender was designed in a gray, UL94 plenum-rated material. The gray color closely matches the steel J-hooks so as not to create any confusion, or draw attention to any colors potentially used to identify a specific run.”

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