Lightwave: British Fibre Networks targeting UK greenfield FTTH market to offer alternative broadband network installation services

Jan. 16, 2018
"Choice and capacity to the customer is vital for a competitive platform," says Elfed Thomas, founder of the former H2O Networks, now CityFibre.

Lightwave's Stephen Hardy reports that:

Elfed Thomas, founder of H2O Networks (now CityFibre) and the i3 Group, has decided to try his luck one more time with British Fibre Networks, a new company that will aim to construct fiber to the home (FTTH) networks to new home developments in the UK. Thomas hopes to bring open access FTTH networks to more than 35% of new UK homes by 2021, after being acquitted on fraud charges in relation to the funding of H2O.

The new company, based in Manchester, says it will work with real estate developers to offer an alternative to the broadband network installation services offered by Openreach, the access network business unit of BT. Such connections are likely to be based on copper rather than fiber, Thomas asserts.

"Choice and capacity to the customer is vital for a competitive platform. For too long, new homeowners and builders have been subject to a monopolistic offer, which is overpriced and never installed in time for when the customer moves in," Thomas said via a press release.

He added, "British Fibre Networks aims to address this and create a model that breaks up the monopoly of BT. Working with developers, we will deliver superior connectivity and choice to new homeowners, many of whom have previously been quoted extortionate prices for access to a patchwork copper/fiber network. It will add value for house builders, who can now offer a home with pure fiber connectivity and choice."

British Fibre Networks will offer what the press release described as "a pure fiber aggregator portal" in new homes that will enable a choice of fiber networks and internet service providers (ISPs).

Thomas comes to British Fibre Networks with history in fiber-optic network deployment (including the use of sewer systems as a home for fiber conduit) as well as scars from the H2O Networks experience.

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