Residential cable sleeve question: Last week's top stories

Our weekly round-up of the top structured cabling industry news stories and featured articles for ICT and IT industry professionals.

Ethernet riddles wrapped in fiber enigmas: The week's top stories
Ethernet riddles wrapped in fiber enigmas: The week's top stories

Here's our weekly round-up of the top structured cabling industry news stories and featured articles for ICT and IT industry professionals, as compiled by the editors of Cabling Installation & Maintenance magazine and

1. Suggestions for sleeve through drywall for network cable?

A residential cabling question, as seen very recently on social media at Reddit/Home Improvement.

2. BICSI 2018 San Antonio: 'In Pictures' & 'More Highlights' (Image Galleries)

You may have heard, Cabling Installation & Maintenancepresented some awards at the BICSI Fall show. But we weren't the only ones giving out prizes. Data Center eNewsletter 2018-10-15

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4. Top 10 global ribbon fiber-optic cable suppliers identified

According to a new study by technology market analyst The Insight Partners, the global market for ribbon fiber-optic cable is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.9% until 2025.

5. SWDM: The lowest total cost solution for 40G/100G in the enterprise data center

SWDM is a multi-vendor technology that leverages existing fiber-optic cabling infrastructure for data center upgrades.

6. TE launches connectors, cable assemblies for 400G data centers

TE Connectivity (TE) recently unveiled its Octal Small Form Factor Pluggable (OSFP) connector and cable assembly portfolio, targeting next-generation data center requirements for data rates of 200 Gbits/s and 400 Gbits/s.

7. Cabling Standards Development and Implementation (Ed. Guide)

As some cabling standards emerge and others evolve, they continue to be the bedrock upon which many projects are specified and built. Understanding the intent and details of these standards can enable cabling system designers, installers and users to ensure their built infrastructures will support current and future applications. This guide provides information on current standards-development activities, and best practices for implementing existing standards.

8. The role of fiber in 5G networks

The stringent requirements for 5G heavily rely upon the interconnected backbone in the short term. Intensive 5G fiber-optic backhaul is necessary to seamlessly stream bandwidth-intensive applications such as 4K video. For a while it seemed this technology was in the future, but with the most recent World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC) already allocating some of the millimeter-wave spectrum to 5G and major U.S. telecommunications companies such as Verizon and AT&T already announcing plans to launch 5G service by late 2018, it seems gigabit high speeds, and low-latency cellular capabilities are fast approaching.

9. CommScope reportedly in talks to acquire Arris International

In addition to its substantial set-top box business, Arris owns the Ruckus wireless LAN technology portfolio.

10. How we do pricing and bidding for structured cabling jobs

Tom Lawrence, owner of Lawrence Technology Services / PC Pickup (Southgate, MI) holds forth with some personally acquired tips regarding running an IT services business.

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