Crimping pliers for 26-8 AWG wires

June 29, 2018
The Crimpfox Duo 10 from Phoenix Contact can be used on single wires from 26 to 8 AWG, or 2x20 to 2x12 AWG twin ferrules.

The Crimpfox Duo 10 crimping fliers from Phoenix Contact are “perfect when diverse workspaces demand flexibility,” the company says. Its “unique, rotating die permits frontal or lateral insertion of ferrules.”

The crimping pliers cover a range from 26-8 AWG single wires, or 2x20 to 2x12 AWG twin ferrules. Phoenix Contact says, “Its perfectly balanced, ergonomic design creates an ideal fit for the user’s hand … No intense force is required to operate the tool, allowing the user to work longer without fatigue, all while producing high-quality results.”

Engaging the color-contrasted release button enables the user to rotate the die to the necessary insertion direction, and the locking mechanism keeps the die securely in position. The pliers have a self-adjusting mechanism that allows them to accommodate single ferrules and twin ferrules.

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