Klein Tools intros claw milled hammer

Dec. 7, 2020
Klein Tools intros claw milled hammer
Klein Tools has introduced its Lineman’s Claw Milled Hammer (Cat. No. 832-26), designed with a large head for driving in staples and lag bolts into utility poles. 

Though larger, this hammer's lighter 26-oz. head compared to the traditional 32-oz. hammer features a milled face to aid in driving staples into utility poles and a claw end for removing nails, molding, and ground wire, as well as a lanyard hole for tethering. Bright orange for high visibility on the job, the hammer's fiberglass handle includes a textured grip to prevent slippage.

“Klein Tools’ team of engineers developed the new Lineman’s Claw Milled Hammer to provide all the features that linemen need today,” commented Kozeta Topchian, senior product manager at Klein Tools. “With a lightweight, yet still solid 26-ounce head weight, the hammer is well-balanced to effectively withstand off-center hits, and the bright orange handle makes it easy to find in a bag or bucket.”

For more information, visit www.kleintools.com/new-products. 

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