Just desserts

COMgroup’s Wilson Walp shares photos of spaghetti cabling from a jobsite.

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There are your routine cabling messes, and then there are those exquisite thickets of dysfunction fit to make even the hardiest installers question what they’ve ever done to deserve them.

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“Here’s the spaghetti …” says Wilson Walp of COMgroup Inc.

In terms of must-see cabling photos illustrating this truth, Wilson Walp, senior consultant at COMgroup Inc. of Kirkland, WA, sent us the two beauties on this page, as he uncovered them in the field. Thanks Wilson.

1802ciminfrastructureinsights Photo 2

“Just need the sauce!” Walp comments.

We maintain an open call to all structured cabling and wireless network technicians and managers in the information and communications technology (ICT) arena. The next time you’re on-site and confronted with “a sight”—whether of cabling chaos or its orderly solution—feel free to snap a picture and send it to us.

Email your images to mattv@pennwell.com and we’ll feature them in cablinginstall.com’s “Must See Photos” gallery. They also may appear in the magazine and our e-newsletters. Happy cabling!

Matt Vincent, Senior Editor


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