Cabling project cost estimator app for iPhone, Android

Structured cabling installation company compresses 25 years of experience into a 25-minute process.

Active Communication Company Ltd. (ACCL), a UK-based firm providing structured cabling installation services, is offering a free project-cost estimator app for iPhone and Android that the company says compacts 25 years of on-the-job know-how into a 25-minute process. According to ACCL, the app guides the user through all of a project's important aspects. "The Data Cabling App allows simple guided selection of manufacturer brands and cable classifications, and figures show with and without VAT and preliminary options," the company says.

A free downloadable desktop version of the cost estimator has been available for some time. That tool uses a spreadsheet format and also automatically populates costs.

The company says its new app was in development for six months and "requires minimal data cabling knowledge and no expertise from the user." ACCL's managing director Wayne Connors says, "For the first time any business can easily and realistically work out their own data cabling budget anywhere, any time." He says the tool can save users time and money on consulting fees and tender documents.

The iPhone and Android app is available by individual request. Anyone can also request the desktop version of the cost estimator by completing this form on ACCL's website.

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