Online tool plans structured cabling systems for home networks

Based on user input, the tool generates a bill of materials for a residential structured cabling system.

The Structured Media Planning Center Worksheet, available online from Leviton Network Solutions, is designed to help contractors, distributors and homeowners design structured cabling networks. The tool incorporates the devices connected within a home network - HDTVs, telephones, gaming consoles, security systems, wireless network components and others. The planning worksheet "provides a practical solution for today's ultra-connected lifestyle," Leviton says.

Users of the worksheet specify the device details of their space, including the type of television service, number of data locations, type of aduio system, home-theater arrangement and type of security system. Based on the information provided, Leviton produces a bill of materials customized to the user. The BoM includes complete product summaries including enclosure(s), routers, distribution boards, power supplies and patch cables needed to install the custom network. It also allows users to choose between standard and premium networking equipment.

Jeff Lechtanski, marketing manager at Leviton Network Solutions, said, "Homeowners now expect their homes to be wired for quick and secure connectivity. Leviton has created this planning utility to make it easier for professionals and do-it-yourselfers to specify and install the home-networking equipment they need to take advantage of high-speed broadband voice, video, data and wireless connections."

You can access the Structured Media Planning Center Worksheet here.

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