Fluke sells 50,000th DTX

Company says its testers have certified more than a billion copper links and 250 million fiber links.

Fluke Networks recently announced that sales of its DTX CableAnalyzer have exceeded 50,000 units, a milestone that the company says highlights the ongoing need for reliable testing and the continued worldwide growth of the network and cabling certification industry.

Fluke Networks introduced the DTX series in 2004 with a claim of 75-percent faster testing performance than previous-generation cabling testers. Since then the company has added capabilities to the product line including Category 6A support (in 2006) and the integration of OTDR capabilities (in 2007).

Jason Wilbur, vice president of datacom cabling and installation tools with Fluke Networks, said his company's tools "have certified more than one billion copper links and 250 million fiber links. When you combine our long-standing record of trust and reliability with the speed and functionality our products deliver, it puts us in a unique position to continue to help contractors take advantage of growth opportunities."

The company also stated that it sees opportunities to further innovate in fiber and wireless markets. "For example, with data center consolidation and virtualization, there will continue to be a wave of deployment and certification momentum throughout the industry. This momentum will also apply to data communications installers as companies shift from storage area network technologies to Fibre Channel over Ethernet." Wilbur added, "While the SAN industry is tremendous, given the momentum of FCoE systems we expect to see continued market acceleration."

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