re-designs website

New functional features include quantity-discount pricing, faceted navigation, and a custom cable calculator., an online retailer of cables and cabling supplies, announced a redesign of its website, which now includes new functional features including quantity-discount pricing, faceted navigation, and a custom cable calculator.

Quantity-discount pricing provides greater discounts to customers buying produtcs in bulk. This feature allows to be equally appealing to end users and business-to-business customers, says the company. Faceted navigation provides an improved user experience by allowing customers to narrow down their selection of products.

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The custom cable calculator is a web applicaton that allows customers to design cables to their own custom specifications and to purchase them via the site's regular shopping cart, without requiring the assistance of a sales person and a quoting process. The application allows immediate purchasing of custom cables built from the retailer's large inventory of component parts.

The company says it expects the redesigned website to increase its revenue by creating a better shopping experience for customers, while making the site more findable in search engines.

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