Online training for fiber-to-the-home planning, design, installation

Sept. 19, 2012
The initial web-based training program from The Light Brigade prepares students to take the Certified Fiber to the Home Professional exam from the FTTH Council.

The Light Brigade now provides online fiber-optic training, and is rolling out its web-based educational offerings with a set of training that supports the Fiber To The Home Council's Certified Fiber to the Home Professional (CFHP) program.

"Through a combination of proven instructional methods, student interaction, and a final practice exam, The Light Brigade's CFHP online training program will prepare the student for the CFHP certification exam on the FTTH Council's website," The Light Brigade said when announcing the training's availability.

Attributes of the online-training opportunity include an organized, interesting and interactive environment, The Light Brigade says, as well as the ability to grasp key concepts at the student's own pace and gain training experience without having to travel. The course's practice exam enables the student to gauge his or her own mastery of the subject matter before taking the actual exam from the FTTH Council, The Light Brigade adds.

This YouTube video previews the online course.

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