Tester verifies Industrial Ethernet cabling systems

June 3, 2010
Ideal's IENet Pro has RJ-45 and M12 ports and shows results in Profinet format.

The IENet Pro Industrial Ethernet Cable Tester from Ideal Industries enables verification of two-pair and four-pair Industrial Ethernet cables, and assures proper termination by detecting opens, shorts, miswires, reversals and split pairs, its manufacturer says. With integrated RJ-45 UTP/STP and coaxial interfaces and Profinet-formatted results, the tester is specifically designed for Ethernet cabling systems and conducts tests in fractions of a second, Ideal says.

"As Industrial Ethernet spreads across the network infrastructures of today's manufacturing and processing plants, the risk of costly downtime due to cabling faults increases," said Dan Payerle, business unit manager for Ideal. "The need to troubleshoot hardened Industrial Ethernet cable is best met by a tester specifically designed for the industrial environment that is easy to use, reliable and offers the ability to indicate a variety of wiring faults. The INet Pro uniquely meets those requirements."

According to Ideal, a single button push selects between 2 and 4 pair data, or video, minimizing user interactions to help prevent mistakes or unnecessary repetitions. The tester measures cable length and indicates correct wiremap to T568A/B standards for shielded and unshielded cabling. It also warns the user of voltages on cables, blinks network hubs for visual cable tracing, and generates four unique tones to ease fault isolation. "Pass" or "Miswire" results are displayed in the Profinet Industrial Ethernet format on the unit's LCD screen. The unit's detachable remote enables one-person operation.

The standard package comes with one remote and an RJ-45 and M12 interface. The tester is also available with eight remotes.

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