Estimating-software provider finds pencil-and-paper class a hit

Estimating-by-hand classes ideal for new estimators or as a refresher.

McCormick Systems, which provides estimating software systems for electrical, communications and other building systems projects, has received a strong response to its most recent offering--software-free "estimating by hand" classes.

"We introduced them in our newsletter in May and before the month ended we had several requests, including one from a large electrical contractor who asked us to bring a two-day 'hand' estimating course to his location," commented company presidet Todd McCormick. "As we had heard from our customers, there is a strong appetite out there for a basic estimating class."

Unlike classes on the use of software, these "by-hand" estimating educational offerings start from the very basics, covering the elements of electrical estimating and literally beginning with a blank sheet of paper. McCormick offers two "hand estimating" classes, one covering basics and the other addressing advanced techniques for those who have mastered the basics.

"We've had other requests as well," Todd McCormick added. "Some contractors and estimators want a refresher course. The basics class is perfect for when a contractor has someone who might become a rookie estimator. It will also help those who think they might want to become estimators to take a look at the kind of work involved."

Taught by veteran estimating instructors Richard Manrod and Erle Howard, the courses do not promote the company's computerized electrical estimating products, but rather cover electrical estimating itself, the company says. "The industry, through our customers, asked us to prepare courses to help create new estimators and provide a refresher for those who've been doing the work for a while, and that's what we've tried to do," Todd McCormick said.

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