White paper exposes lack of standardization for demarc extensions

May 14, 2010
Claims poor installation practices have resulted from the non-existence of a standard.

The white paper entitled "The Demarc Extension and its Critical Role in Enterprise Network Telecommunications Infrastructure," authored by Concert Technologies exposes the fact that the loss of standardization for this important piece of cabling has led to poor installation practices. Addressing the information needs of telecommunications agents and carriers, the paper arms these professionals with the knowledge to ensure the circuit's complete operability at the time of delivery.

The demarc extension is defined as: The transmission path originating from the interface of the access provider's side of a telecommunications circuit demarcation point within a premises, and ending at the termination point prior to the interface of the edge customer premises equipment. This may include in-segment equipment, media converters and patch cords as required to complete the circuit's transmission path to the edge customer premises equipment.

"This white paper sets industry standards and guidance for the most important transmission path in commercial buildings," said Dennis Mazaris, developer of Demarc Extension Nationwide and president of Concert Technologies. "Without standards and guidelines, the potential to install the demarc extension incorrectly increases and can threaten business and affect productivity. This issue is important for the telecom agent and the carrier to address in order to increase customer satisfaction and ensure future business."

The paper also emphasizes the impact that this piece of cabling - the demarc extension - has on businesses and buildings across the U.S. and internationally.

The white paper highlights the following, as well as other information.

  • The importance of the demarc extension to essential circuit delivery and customer satisfaction
  • Isolating circuit versus inside-wiring problems quickly
  • The correlation between the loss of standardization and poor installation practices
  • Clarification regarding who is responsible for the installation
  • Installer survey data for demarc extensions
  • Demarc extension standards and resources

Download the free white paper.

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