Cabling systems suppliers approve new tester for link, channel certification

Brand-Rex and Tyco Electronics tested and approved Ideal Industries' LanTEK II for certification of their high-performance twisted-pair systems.

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Tyco Electronics and Brand-Rex, two suppliers of structured cabling systems, have approved the use of the new LanTEK II tester series from Ideal Industries to certify installed links and channels. Brand-Rex approved the testers for certification of its 10GPlus, Cat6Plus, and GigaPlus systems in channel, permanent link, and consolidation-point (CP) link configurations. Tyco approved the LanTEK II series for its Category 5e, Category 6, and Category 6A systems.

Each system supplier "tested the tester" before providing approval. "In our tests, the LanTEK II proved reliable and consistent in the measurement of both screened and unscreened cabling systems," said Ken Hodge, research-and-development manager with Brand-Rex.

Tyco's systems engineering manager Robert A. Zahr echoed, "The results of this qualification test greatly exceeded our expectations with respect to the accuracy levels of key electrical parameters reported by the LanTEK II series testers used in this evaluation."

The tester series provides certification to TIA, ISO, and IEC cabling standards. FiberTEK FDX modules enable the tester to certify multimode and singlemode fiber.

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