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Audio, Category 5e cable; Power/data gang boxes; Cable management to fit the space...

Th 108630

Audio, Category 5e cable

The DataSound Combo Wire is a 4-conductor speaker wire combined with a Category 5e cable in a siamese configuration, designed as an all-in-one cable for home installations. Each of the four conductor speaker wires has a 65-strand wire count, while the Cat 5e cable can handle frequencies up to 350 MHz and data rates up to 1,000 Mbits/sec. The side-by-side, 2-jacket design lets you separate the two cables from one another while allowing each to stay within its own jacket.

Power/data gang boxes

Thomas & Betts Corp.'s non-metallic gang boxes for power and voice/data cabling are constructed to support conventional switch/outlet power devices, and provide a low-voltage bracket with a cable support that holds the cable during and after installation. The SB-21-DV features a side-mounting bracket designed for mounting on wood or steel stud. It has 20.5 cubic inches of wiring capacity. The E-18-4-DV, designed for retrofits, features two old-work swing brackets and ears, and has 18 cubic inches of capacity.

Cable management to fit the space

Th 108630
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The CMSLink ladder rack system consists of straight sections, radius bends and turns, angled pieces, brackets, hangers, and mount assemblies. Its on-the-job flexibility lets you install a cable management system for ceiling access, vertical cable transport, or rack-mounted installations. Available in 10-foot lengths, 12 inches wide, CMSLink includes ladder-mounting hardware.

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