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Dec. 1, 2002
Water-block cable for harsh environments; One pull, and it's a wrap; On-the-job cable management; MORE...

Compiled by Steve Smith

Water-block cable for harsh environments

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NextGen, from General Cable, is a riser- and plenum-rated loose tube dry water blocked cable. The indoor/outdoor cable, designed to provide maximum fiber protection in harsh environments as well as handling and termination flexibility, is manufactured to meet or exceed applicable technical requirements. NextGen cables are constructed with either standard Gigabit Ethernet or 10-Gigabit Ethernet optical fibers, and are designed to meet IEEE performance requirements.

One pull, and it's a wrap

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Scotch-brand 100 Cable & Wire Tie Wrap straps are designed to let installers cinch cable bundles tighter, faster, and with less effort and strain than with comparable plastic, wire or string fasteners. The 6-inch straps are 3/8-inch wide, and have a 3/4-inch head for getting a good pull grip. The pull-through hole is designed to make for an extra tight wrap without abrasion, crimping, or cutting. The Wrap is available on perforated or continuous rolls, and comes in red, blue, green, yellow, white, and black.

On-the-job cable management

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Express Tray wire mesh cable tray is designed to be a versatile, cost-effective management solution for data and power cabling. The product line includes a broad selection of tray sections and mounting hardware. Installers can construct the fittings at the job site using basic tools, providing configuration flexibility for specific installations. Express Tray can be center-hung or supported with side hanger clamps, or mounting brackets can be used if you're mounting to the floor or wall. Available in 2- and 4-inch depths and in widths ranging from 2 to 24 inches, Express Tray comes in steel or stainless steel construction.

Defusing trouble before it hits

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Designed to protect unshielded twisted-pair cable (UTP) from potentially damaging electrically-induced transients, the MCG 500 Series of rack-mounted data surge protectors guard hubs, 100Base-T, 10-Base-T, Base-T2, token ring, patch panels, routers and telecommunications equipment. The manufacturer claims that reaction time to potentially destructive anomalies is less than one nanosecond, with automatic reset after the transient has passed. The 500 Series is designed to protect up to 32 ports at the hub location; incoming cables are routed through the MCG 500 before entry into the hub's sensitive I/O ports.

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