New look, same commitment

March 1, 2010
Yes, this is Cabling Installation & Maintenance magazine that arrived in your mailbox—whether that mailbox is a physical or virtual one.

Yes, this is Cabling Installation & Maintenance magazine that arrived in your mailbox—whether that mailbox is a physical or virtual one. The look of our magazine has changed with this month’s issue, but much of the information we’re providing in the newly reformatted version remains the same. We’re still going to provide you, on a monthly basis, articles that deal with the specification, design, installation, and management of structured cabling systems in many types of environments for the transmission of several forms of information.

One element that has changed is that we’ve combined what used to be our New Products and Industry Spotlight sections into a new format we’re calling Editor’s Picks. Found on page 31 of this month’s issue, Editor’s Picks will include some of the latest product introductions as well as industry news, with a little bit of my opinion thrown in.

Part of the reason for the new look is that over the past few years more and more of you have asked to receive the magazine in your e-mail inbox. To those of you who receive it that way each month, we hope you find the new format easier to read on your computer screen. We welcome comments from everyone—those who receive the magazine digitally as well as those who receive the printed version—about our new design. We are not necessarily done changing our look, and your comments certainly can influence any additional changes we make.

Living just north of Massachusetts and getting all the network-television affiliates from Boston, I heard more about the Scott Brown/Martha Coakley Senate race than I did about the most recent Senate race in my own state. Perhaps Brown’s most famous quote of the campaign came during a debate. I’m paraphrasing here but he said something like, “It’s not Ted Kennedy’s seat. It’s the people’s seat.” He now has a little bit of time to prove to the voters in his home state that it’s not Scott Brown’s seat; it’s their seat.

Likewise this magazine is responsible to you, the individuals who choose to receive and read it in the interest of professional education and development. The extent to which this magazine keeps you up-to-date in your profession and helps you in your day-to-day duties, is the extent to which the editorial staff is doing our collective job satisfactorily. Please, let us know how we’re doing.

Chief Editor
[email protected]

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