Toners and Probes

March 1, 2016
Collection of products for the cable markets.
Greenlee Communications highlights tone and probe capabilities

Greenlee Communications notes that its GDLS355 laser source, GRP450 Optical Power Meter, or FI-100 Fiber Identifier instruments can be used in tandem to accurately “tone” and “probe” live fibers so that a technician can quickly identify fiber-optic cables. For live fibers, the technician connects the GDLS355 to the desired fiber and turns the 2-kHz modulation on. This process adds a “tone” to that specific fiber. After moving to the other end of the fiber installation, the technician will use the FI-100 fiber identifier to “probe” each fiber in the enclosure. The FI-100 will indicate the presence of the 2-kHz tone on the test fiber by illuminating the 2-kHz tone LED, and by sounding an audible alarm. The process of clamping onto the other fibers in the enclosure will not affect signal transmission in those fibers and will not cause network equipment to go into an alarm condition. If it is not necessary to work on live fibers, the GRP450 Optical Power Meter can be used to sense the presence of the 2-kHz “tone.” The aforementioned process is altered only in the fact that each fiber in the enclosure would be connected to the GRP450. When the GRP450 is connected to the fiber carrying the 2-kHz “tone” it will sound an audible alarm and the LCD will indicate the 2-kHz “tone” is present.

Greenlee Communications,

Cable tone generator and probe

From Psiber Data Systems, the Ultra High Power CableTracker 12 Tone Generator and CableTracker 15 Probe (CTK1215) enables signal detection on cables miles away and makes hearing a tone through walls, ceilings and enclosures easier, with a power level up to 10 times more powerful than other tone generators. The tool’s 190 mWatts of output power reduces maintenance times by making it easier to trace and identify cables used in network, CATV, audio/video, security and telephone applications. The CTK1215 allows users to quickly and accurately solve the most difficult cabling installation and maintenance jobs, says Psiber. Higher-speed data cables require low EMI leakage, which is used for detection by tone and probe testers. These low leakage levels have made standard testers ineffective. The powerful signal transmitted by the CableTracker 12 and the unique method of applying the tone allow detection and tracing of advanced twisted-pair cable systems, including many shielded types.

Psiber Data Systems,

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