Use braided rope to make a pulling grip

April 1, 2011
The all-important swivel is also needed for this home-made device.

The all-important swivel is also needed for this home-made device.



If you are not careful when pulling a cable through duct or conduit, the cable can twist out of shape. Depending on how badly twisted the cable is, it may suffer from degraded performance. This possibility can and should be avoided.


You can make your own cable-pulling grip by using a braided rope and a small fishing swivel. By looping the rope through the swivel and splicing the two ends of the rope together, you have a secure grip that you can use to pull the cable.


  • Make an eye on the braided rope by passing the rope through the eye of the swivel.
  • Cut off approximately 12 to 14 inches from one end of the cable's outer jacket.
  • Divide the rope's core into four groups.
  • Adjust the rope so that the "eye" is at a desirable length.
  • Put a piece of tape or a tie-wrap around the rope where the rope overlaps itself (at the bottom of the eye).
  • Wrap two groups of the rope's core in a criss-cross fashion around the other section of rope, and then tie the two groups in a square knot.
  • Repeat the previous step for the other two groups of the rope's core.
  • Place a few drops of super-adhesive glue on the places where the wires cross and on the knots.
  • Remove the tie-wrap or tape, and then tape the full length of the splice.
  • When you are ready to pull cable, attach the cable to the end of the swivel.

Editor's note:This cabling installer tip was originally published more than a decade ago. We chose to run it again because we believe it still works. But maybe, despite our efforts, it is outdated. Perhaps it was a good idea then but there is a much better approach to solving the problem today.

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