Product Focus: punchdown tools

The Punchmaster II punchdown tool is engineered for field termination of twisted-pair conductors commonly deployed in telephone and network installations.

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Twisted-pair field terminator

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The Punchmaster II punchdown tool is engineered for field termination of twisted-pair conductors commonly deployed in telephone and network installations. Featuring a proprietary Turn-Lock style blade-holding system, the Punchmaster II is designed to properly seat and cut wire quickly, uniformly, and with less effort than comparable devices. An adjustable high/lowactuation setting accommodates termination blockrequirements, while a built-in compartment allows for storage of spare blades. It is compatible with 110, 66, 110/66,Krone, and Bix blades. An impact-absorbing cushioned grip is designed forreduced operator stress.

Guaranteed-for-life tool

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This no-slip punchdown tool with 110-style blade is designed with finger grips and cushioned sides for fast, comfortable punches. Guaranteed for life, the tool comes with one blade and provides blade storage. It accepts all twist-and-lock style blades,including 66, Bix, and Krone. Impact force is adjustable for use with all types of cables. The tool includes a built-in multi-usespudger, and works as a screwdriver or as an IDC contact insertion tool. In addition, a built-in pick and hook helps in separating twisted pairs and feeding wires through holes.

Internal impact spring mechanism

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The Impact punchdown tool with internal impact spring mechanism is designed for more efficient and uniform connections with less effort. The tool has an adjustable-force thumb wheel that lets you select an optimal punchdown setting. This ergonomic device can be used with 110, 66, 88, and Krone type blades. A hook and spudger are also built into the handle.

Automatic impact tool

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The PDT-66/110 spring-loaded adjustable, automatic impact tool is used for terminating wires on 110/88 or 66-type connecting blocks. Precision hardened and interchangeable blades spread the termination prongs to allow fast and simplified insertion of the wire into the contact, providing a tight termination that resists corrosion. The blade finishes the job in the same motion by neatly cutting off excess wire. The PDT-66/110 accepts a variety of interchangeable blades; no screwdriver is needed. Blade impact can be adjusted by turning a thumb wheel. A storage compartment with proprietary locking mechanism provides spare blade storage.

Multi-purpose termination solution

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The redesigned JackRapid termination tool lets you install Category 3, 5, 5e and 6 jacks up to eight times faster than with traditional punchdown tools. Terminate and trim all eight wires in a jack at once, and with one squeeze. The ergonomicallydesigned handle offersreduced hand fatigue, and includes a built-in wire jacket stripper. According to the company, in aninstallation of 1,000 jacks, a standard single-wire punchdown tool may require 29 labor hours, while the same installation job using JackRapid requires 10 hours. Its patented design features an interchangeable termination head that holds the jack in place. Different style heads accommodate jacks from most manufacturers. The termination head uses a wall-friendly design that makes for simplified close-to-wall installation.

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