Product Focus: Firestopping

These bulkhead plates are designed for larger holes that cannot be sealed by typical sleeve systems.

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Bulkhead plates for larger openings

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These bulkhead plates are designed for larger holes that cannot be sealed by typical sleeve systems. Maintaining large holes can be expensive and time-consuming, particularly in earthquake-prone areas there consideration must be given for cable tray passing through a firewall. If the tray is rigidly routed through a large-hole fire barrier, for example, the seal will break and the firestop material will be dislodged during strong tremors. Bulkhead plates, however, can be configured to match the rating of the barrier as well as the existing cable load. They can be secured to the wall studs with screws, or anchored in block. Split sleeves are mated to the holes in the plates.

Fittings for new, retrofit thru-wall penetration

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FlameStopper thru-wall fittings have been redesigned for use in retrofit as well as new construction, and combine built-in intumescent material with an enclosed wall penetration that allow wires and cables to be quicklyadded or removed while maintaining the wall’s fire rating. For new construction, FlameStopper consists of a cover with adjustable steel doors that house intumescent material,with an opening through which thecables pass. EMT conduit, which can be cut to length, carries the cables through the penetration to a similar cover and block ofintumescent material on the otherside of the wall. The proper amount of firestopping material is pre-loaded in the assembly, eliminating the need for caulk or putty.Because the material is entirely self-contained, it is not disturbed when adding or removing cables. The retrofit kit includes a split conduit for installations where there is no existing conduit, a large firestopped wall plate for irregular openings, and a heat shield for existing extended conduit lengths. The kit is designed for firestopping in virtually any existing condition without the need for additional firestop materials.

Cable management sleeve

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The CP 653 Speed Sleeve is a one-step cable management firestop solution, designed for creating openings quickly through gypsum and concrete. “Spin-on” flanges secure the CP 653 to the partition and allow for faster attachment to surfaces. Cables do not need to be inserted in a uniform height to comply with the firestop detail. The device’s constrictive smoke seal limits smoke and toxic gas migration, whether empty or 100% visually filled. With a smoke-seal fabric that is tested to 250 open-close cycles, the CP 653 is built to withstand long-term, high traffic usage.

Pre-built, pre-tested solutions

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Quickpass systems are pre-built and pre-tested to eliminate guesswork typically incurred with installation of firestopping cables and conduit. Little time is required to make firestop modifications whileinstalling new cables, and products can beinstalled at the initial state of construction orretrofitted to existing openings. Quickpass and Quickpass Sleeve use foam smoke seals, and have cable openings that can be 100% filled while still meeting firestop listing requirements.

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