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May 1, 2008
These newly designed 12- and 24-fiber wall-mount patch panels offer a compact convergence point, and are designed to fit into new and existing ...

Wall-mount panel

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These newly designed 12- and 24-fiber wall-mount patch panels offer a compact convergence point, and are designed to fit into new and existing interconnect, crossconnect, and colocation environments without compromising the jumpers’ bend radius. The company says its revised patch panels are 30% smaller than previous versions, and can be provisioned with an optional 5-position Keystone adapter panel for compatibility with copper interconnect products. Units feature a steel construction and dual-access doors with separate locking options, and are offered empty, with adapters, or fully loaded with pre-terminated assemblies.

Compact splitter cassette

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This new family of PLC splitter cassettes for FTTx applications is designed for top performance under the most adverse environments. Cassettes are designed with 1x4, 1x8, 1x16, or 1x32 splitters in a compact (100 x 80 x 10-mm) package for modular installation in MDU field boxes and enclosures. Using 2-mm jacketed bend-insensitive fiber, the splitter cassettes are designed for low insertion loss anddurability over an extended tem-perature range. OEM packaging provides flexibility for a wide variety ofdesign goals, and complies with GR 1209 and 1221 requirements.

Overhead routing system

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Net-Access overhead cable routing system is designed to protect, route, and manage large quantities of data cable into and out of Net-Access cabinets. It mounts to the top of cabinets and is built to integrate with other cable pathways used throughout a data center. The routing system features 6-inch high sidewalls and 3-inch bend radius control. Multiple cable spillouts let you route cables at the front, middle, and rear of the cabinets.

Releasable cable tie

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The WIT-40LAR series releasable cable tie eliminates multiple parts by incorporating a cable tie and holder in one part. It is designed to be simply pressed and locked into a pre-drilled hole, and can be removed by pinching the wings. Built to be released and reinserted for multiple uses, the WIT-40LAR’s retaining tabsecures any unused strap, eliminating the need to cut off the extra piece.

Online training course

The RWM Online fiber-optic training course covers networks, standards, National Electrical Code, grounding and bonding, and wiring. The 18 modules feature videos, interaction, and learning exercises. Each module has review questions, and a final exam may be taken after completion of all modules. Passing the exam qualifies users to achieve written requirements for National Certification in Fiber Optics. The company says the course can be completed within 40 hours.

Category 7A hybrids

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New versions of the hybrid TERA-to-RJ patch cords feature a Category 7A standards-recognized TERA plug on one end and the company’s patented RJ-45-compatible BladePatch plug on the other. The 4-pair hybrid uses Category 7A stranded cable and meets or exceeds all 10GBase-T standard requirements (including alien crosstalk). The 2-pair version allows two 10/100 Ethernet applications to be supported over a single TERA outlet and cable via cable sharing, reducing the overall number of channels required to support lower-speed applications. The BladePatch cord can be inserted and removed without depressing an external latch; its patented push-pull internal latching mechanism locks the plug into position when pushed into the outlet or patch panel, and is removed by pulling back on the boot. This design requires less finger space around each patch cord, making it suitable for high-density environments.

Polishing abrasive

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Diamond Lapping Film 660XV, an abrasive for fiber-optic polishing, incorporates a proprietary precision coating technology designed for a consistent finish over the life of the product. It is designed for use on all polishing machines and is available in 1, 3, 6, and 9-µm grades.

PDUs with monitoring

The company’s line of switched and metered power distribution units (PDUs) now feature a proprietary built-in net-work interface that lets you remotely monitor and control individual outlets and connected devices via SNMP, web, or telnet. You can remotely reboot locked devices, and extend runtime of critical devices by remotely turning off non-essential devices during a power interruption. The company also offers free PowerAlert network management software to centrally monitor and control power for up to 250 UPS systems or PDUs. The software lets you mass-configure multiple remote device settings from a single location, and it can also be set to auto-discover UPS and PDU devices in specific network segments or IP address ranges.

Cabinet cooling panel

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The HotLok blanking panel is a sealingsolution for above-the-floor air exhaustair recirculation problems in racks andcabinets. It is designed to reduce and stabilize equipment air intake temperatures and reduce the number andseverity of hotspots within cabinets. The unit features cantilevered sealing vanes designed to eliminate the gap between adjoining blanking panels or with installed equipment. HotLok isengineered to stack anywhere in theserver room, and available in 1U and 2U sizes to fit 19-inch EIA 310-E-compliant mounting rail widths with either round or universal square openings. Each can include a mounted liquid crystal temperature strip that displays Celsius and Fahrenheit temperatures in the context of a color-coded indicator bar.

Saturation-free sweatband

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Designed for installers needing to keep sweat out of their eyes, the Sweat GUTR is a saturation-proof, reusable headband. Unlike cloth or sponge bands, Sweat GUTR is designed to divert sweat away from the eyes and eyewear. It also provides a heat stress management feature that is designed to be superior to bandanas and wrap sweatbands. GUTR’s slim profile allows heat to escape unimpeded to help keep the body cool.

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