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The Vertikut saw stand is designed for secure operation of deep-cut portable band saws, allowing the saw to do the job of a larger, more expensive vertical band saw.

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Secure raceway cutting

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The Vertikut saw stand is designed for secure operation of deep-cut portable band saws, allowing the saw to do the job of a larger, more expensive vertical band saw. These stands have been used by cabling installers for accurately and safely cutting raceway and conduit; its bench-mount design allows for use of both hands to guide the workpiece. Vertikut fits Milwaukee, Dewalt, and Makita (pictured) deep-cut portable band saws.

Heavy-duty UPS

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MGE Galaxy EPS 8000 1000/1100kVA uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is designed for data centers and computer rooms, as well as industrial, medical imaging, factory floor, and electrical room applications. It features paralleling capability, with an external static switch to enable scalability forincreased capacity or redundancy. These high-power solutions are designed to boost capacity from 1000kVA up to 3300kVA. The on-line, 3-phase MGE Galaxy EPS 8000 provides scalable power protection using proprietary technology to protect all critical loads. Single module systems are available with 1000kVA to 1100kVA power ratings, and 100 percent rated continuous duty bypass and output static switches. Advanced 12-pulse rectifier and inverter technologies restrict total harmonic distortion to less than 5%. With its integrated galvanic copper isolation transformer the MGE Galaxy EPS 8000 is built to provide reliable power in the harshest electrical environments.

Handheld Wi-Fi optimizer

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BEETLE-B/A/N/G is a calibrated wireless test receiver system that verifies, sweeps, measures and optimizes all popular 802.11 Wi-Fi network standards, including 802.11b/g (2.4 GHz), 802.11a (5 GHz) and 802.11n. When equipped with a BVS DF (Direction Finding) antenna, BEETLE-B/A/N/G locates and pinpoints rogue MACs, APs, STAs and SSIDs. Packet analysis features include Delay Spread, Channel Frequency Response (CFR), Multipath (Ec/Io), Signal-to-NoiseRatio (SNR), SSID, and Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI). According to the company, this device is the only handheld Wi-Fi packet analysis and direction finding tool of its kind that's accurate to within +1.0dB. BEETLE- B/A/N/G can wirelessly detect rogue APs, hackers, or any nearby MAC, and can also connect directly to network installations for precise antenna alignment and optimization. It includes both 2.4- and 5-GHz omnidirectional antennae, charger, software, and hard carrying case.

Cable management solutions

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The OnTrac wire mesh cable tray system (pictured below) is designed to support and distribute large quantities of network cabling; the F-Series TeraFrame cabinet system now includes adjustable mounting rails that slide front-to-rear; and the company's power management product line offers a new high-power single- and 3-phase PDU power strip. OnTrac is a flexible cable tray solution that can be positioned above drop ceilings, under access floors, against walls, or to the tops of racks and cabinets. It can be cut and formed to create smooth curved transitions around structures and obstacles. The F-Series cabinets feature drop-in stud/nut hardware that lets you mount or re-position accessories by sliding front-to-rear within the cabinet space, while lightweight side panels and doors can be detached when accessing equipment and cabling. In addition, single- and 3-phase PDU power strips are offered in vertical and horizontal configurations. Built-in circuit breakers are designed to guard against current overdraw and equipment damage. Most models include a built-in local and/or IP current meters, which include digital displays showing the amount of current being drawn by the equipment.

Wi-Fi arrays

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Using Xirrus WLAN technology, Dätwyler Cables has added Wi-Fi arrays to its Unilan cabling portfolio. The arrays optionally integrate 4, 8, 12 or 16 “self-adjusting” access points (per IEEE 802.11abg+n), have high-amplifying directional sector antennas, a Gigabit Ethernet switch, Wi-Fi controller, threat sensor, and a Stateful Inspection Firewall—all in one housing. These arrays provide ranges from 7,000 to 11,600 square meters, coverage up to 1,024 users per device, data throughputs of up to 864 Mbits/sec, and bandwidths of 2 Gbits each. They are appropriate for use in the office environment, conference centers and educational institutions, in production and logistics, hotels and hospitals, as well as in airports. To guarantee a safe data transfer and energy supply of the device, Dätwyler Cables recommends installation of a shielded twisted-pair data cable with a high conductor cross-section to feed it. The company offers a series of housing and installation solutions designed to ensure integration into the infrastructure, and also ensure that business-critical security requirements are upheld. The Xirrus Management System (XMS) allows the network managers to guarantee a central configuration, setup and management of safety features (IDS/IPS), a central performance monitoring of all Wi-Fi channels, and central reporting for several hundred Wi-Fi arrays via the installed Layer 3-network.

Four 10-Gbit solutions

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Proprietary Mosaic Crossblock technology in GenSpEED 10 MTP cable provides an Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cable that performs like a Shielded or Foiled Twisted Pair (STP/FTP) cable. It shields the cable from noise coming from external cable sources (PSANEXT and PSAACRF). The Mosaic Crossblock was designed with metallic blocks separated by an insulating layer. Since there is no metal-to-metal contact, there is no path for current to flow longitudinally, and thus, no need for grounding. GenSPEED 10,000 Category 6A cable is a standard-compliant 10 Gig UTP cabling option designed to meet ANSI/TIA 568 B.2-10. Designed for component upgrades, this cable is backward-compatible to legacy infrastructures, and prepares a system for future 10 Gigabit applications. GenSPEED 10,000 is designed to solve the 1 Gbit limitation of Category 5e and Category 6, and is especially suited for bandwidth-intensive applications. GenSPEED 10,000 Category 6A Shielded (pictured at top) is a STP cable with individually shielded pairs for optimized isolation between pairs and immunity from external noise characterized by PSANEXT in cable bundles.

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NextGen OM3 Fiber Optic cable (below) is in partnership with Corning Optical Fiber. Bandwidth is ensured by min- EMBc, and uniformity provides field performance of shorter lengths. All 100% tested NextGen 10 Gbit/sec fiber exceeds the specifications to which it is sold, typically allowing for more system margin and extended reach.

SFP+ copper assembly

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This very low-profile SFP+ direct attach copper cable assembly is designed to be “fiber-like” in size and more flexible than optical fiber. The cable is intended for use in dense, higher-port-count switch installations while providing a reliable interconnect for high-performance computing (HPC) and networking environments using 10 GbE, FCoE, or 8 Gigabit Fiber Channel. The cable is built for 0.5 to 3-meter assemblies, using a 2.10-mm round profile cable up to 2 meters, and a 2.80- mm round profile cable for 3 meters. This low-profile cable is targeted at data center applications, where a large percentage of high-density port-count interconnects are 3 meters or less. The cable is half the cross-sectional area of OM3 fiber optic-cable and one-third the size of 62.5/125-µm fiber, with a significantly reduced bend radius.

4U fiber enclosures

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Opt-X Ultra 4RU high-density fiber enclosures allow termination of up to 288 fibers, and are designed for simplified accessibility for installation and management in higher density installations, such as data centers and large enterprises. Features include: Tinted polycarbonate and 16-gauge powder-coated steel construction; removable easy-glide sliding tray designed to facilitate high-density field terminations and splicing—front and rear of bulkhead remains accessible for moves, adds, and changes; transparent, removable front and rear doors and chassis covers; bulkheads that accept Plug-n-Play MTP modules, or splice trays and adapter plates; stackable, adjustable fiber management rings for organizing, protecting, and storing fiber slack; 17-inch depth to accommodate high-density fiber termination and splicing; patch cord bend radius guides that prevent macro-bending of routed fibers at exit points.

In-ceiling WAP mount

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Model 1064-00 in-ceiling mount is designed to provide a secure and aesthetic ceiling-mount solution for the new Cisco 1140 802.11n wireless access point (WAP). The Model 1064-00 replaces a standard 2x2-foot ceiling tile; the Cisco 1142 is placed in the access point receptacle, and a patent-pending locking mechanism is used to secure the access point. This product is designed to satisfy National Electric Code (NEC) paragraphs 300-22 and 300-23 for installation in the air handling (plenum) space. Locks are “keyed-alike” to simplify moves, adds, and changes.

4-post shelf additions

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ICC is complementing its 7-foot 4-post distribution rack with two new rack shelves—a vented bottom fixed, and a solid bottom adjustable. These heavy duty shelves are designed to hold large servers, UPS, and computer networking equipment. The vented bottom fixed shelf measures a maximum depth of 32-inches from front to rear. It is designed to provide air flow to ventilate equipment underneath and is compliant with the EIA-310-D standard. The solid bottom adjustable shelf measures 27-inches from front to rear. It is designed to be adjusted up to 32-inches to meet depth requirement changes, and is compliant with the EIA-310-D standard.

Cat 6 modules, panels

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MINI-COM Category 6 coupler modules and patch panels are designed for installations requiring modular, high performing network connections. The couplers are built for fast connection of RJ-45 patch cords. Couplers are suited for use in engineering/testing laboratories or temporary networks during a system upgrade or maintenance.

Shielded Cat 6 RJ-45

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This shielded RJ-45 plug is an 8-way Category 6 connector that accepts either stranded or solid AWG 22 to 26 wire cables, up to a maximum cable diameter of 8 mm. The connector also features EIA/TIA A, B, and Profinet coding, 360° shielding, and protection to IP20 in accordance with EIA 60529. Its small, zinc diecast housing is equipped with a colored captive strain relief. An unbreakable latch is designed for simplified mating and unmating. No special tooling is required.

Low-light IP cameras

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The VN-856 series of IP cameras, which include color, day/night and wide dynamic range models, all feature digital noise reduction (DNR), allowing the cameras to provide what the company claims is superior performance in low light conditions. The cameras apply DNR algorithms to process the video prior to transmission, greatly reducing the noise that typically plagues video captured in low light. The result, says Vicon, is cleaner images with more discernable detail, as well as smaller video files that require lower bandwidth for transmission and less storage space. The cameras are compatible with the ViconNet digital video management system. All three cameras in the series provide a resolution of 540 horizontal lines and employ ViconNet MPEG-4 compression designed to optimize file size and picture quality. Power over Ethernet (PoE) eliminates the need for a separate power supply.

Under floor cable tray

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Mega Snake high-capacity cable tray can now be installed under floors prior to and independent of the access floor installation. Mega Snake's floor mounting system consists of support brackets that install in 15 seconds per foot of cable tray. This cable tray solution has a UL-classified grounding connection and pre-manufactured turns, tees, and crossings designed to eliminate cutting and clipping while reducing installation time and costs. According to the company, Mega Snake requires no bridge and brace hardware, and can be easily moved and reused. In addition, Mega Snake's accessory rail allows for placement of power modules.

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