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Aug. 1, 2009
The iConverter STM-1 copper-to-fiber media device converts the electrical signals from an STM-1 or OC-3 75-Ω coax cable to optical signals on fiber.

Copper-to-fiber converter

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The iConverter STM-1 copper-to-fiber media device converts the electrical signals from an STM-1 or OC-3 75-Ω coax cable to optical signals on fiber. Designed for telecom and enterprise applications where STM-1 or OC-3 transport is required beyond the limited distance of coax, iConverter STM-1 transmits signals up to 5 km on multimode fiber and up to 120 km on singlemode. The copper port provides two mini-BNC 75-Ω coax connectors that comply with the ITU-T G.703 and Telcordia GR-253 standards for CMI-coded 155.52 Mbits/sec electrical interfaces. Adapter cables convert the mini-BNC connectors to standard BNC. The iConverter STM-1 is available as a compact, unmanaged standalone unit or a chassis-managed plug-in module. The hot-swappable plug-in module can be mounted in a 19- or 5-module chassis with any combination of redundant AC and DC power supplies. It also can be mounted in a 2-module AC- or DC-powered chassis, or 1-module chassis with AC or DC power input. The standalone version is wall-mountable, DC-powered, and available with an external AC/DC power adapter or a terminal connector for direct DC power.

Shielded Cat 6A patch panel

These shielded keystone jack patch panels are designed to provide Cat 6A/10G performance, feature a cast-encased rear- loading shielded jack, and incorporate a tool-less termination process. A wire lacing feature maintains pair geometry and limits untwisting of pairs. By closing the jack housing fully, the lacing cap is seated onto the jack insulation displacement contacts (IDCs), terminating all four cable pairs at the same time. The IDCs support termination of 22 to 24 AWG solid conductors. Die cast metal construction creates an integral shield and provides 360° coverage, while a cable clamp enables secure and shield/ground wire connections. These shielded patch panels are available in flat and angled configurations, with 24 or 48 ports. Shielded keystone jacks are grounded to the patch panels through the body of the jack and require no additional indivi- dual grounding. Panels are supplied with a matching number of reusable keystone FTP jacks, rear cable management, and grounding wire lugs that provide the grounding point for attaching to the cabling system ground bus. These RoHS-compliant panels feature universal T568A/B wiring and support preferred termination practices.

Fiber-optic cleaver

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The Miller brand FOC-SS fiber- optic cleaver is designed for applications that include field termination of fiber connectors and mechanical splices, as well as laboratory applications. The tool features a graduated leaf spring scale, allowing cleave lengths of 2 to 20 mm. It is designed to produce a precise cleave endface angle of less than 2°, and is supplied with a standard carbide cleaving blade capable of more than 6,000 consistent cleaves. The FOC-SS is designed for singlemode and multimode fiber with cladding outside diameter of 125 µm, with no operator tool adjustments required.

‘Smart’ security camera

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The 10x optical zoom lens Mini SmartDome cameras are designed to provide flexibility for security installations, feature digital noise reduction, 520 (color)/570 (B/W) TV lines of resolution, and full auto-focus functions. A moving filter allows the True Day/Night function to identify objects in dark environments. Other features include minimum illumination (15IRE, Sens-up128x), 0.0014 Lux (Color), 0.00014 Lux (B/W); privacy mask function; multi–protocol support; pri- vacy mask zone (4 areas); RS-485 remote control.

Underfloor cabling solution

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The Jezmat U2 underfloor cabling containment system, designed for both structured and fiber-optic cabling, can be raised above floor level to avoid potential water ingress. Polypropylene Jezmat U2 features a smooth base that protects cable from impedance loss over time, is water-repellent and chemical-resistant, and is anti-static, allowing the pulling of cables across the system without an electric charge. Connection is via Jezmat jointing tape–no couplers or nuts/bolts are necessary. The system is available in a variety of widths and configurations, and is designed to be easily cut to fit precise installation requirements.

Fusion-splice connectors

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FuseConnect fusion-splice field terminated connectors are now available in LC for 900-µm and 2-mm cable. With a factory pre-polished endface, the connector’s field termination process is designed to eliminate the need for polishing, adhesives and crimping in the field. The FuseConnect uses a fusion splicer to terminate the connector, addressing return loss concerns present in analog optical networks. Designed to work with a 10-mm cleave length and splicers having a fiber holder system, FuseConnect is compatible with Fujikura’s fusion splicers as well as with other industry available, fiber holder-based fusion splicing platforms. Formerly available in SC only, the FuseConnect LC is now available in singlemode and multimode fiber–62.5 and 50-µm, and 50-µm 10 GIG (OM3). The 900-µm FuseConnect LC is designed to work with the standard heater embedded in a Fujikura fusion splicer or an external heater. It is designed to meet or exceed TIA/EIA 568C.3 and TIA/EIA-604-10A (FOCIS 10) requirements.

Harsh environment 5e

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This flame-resistant Cat 5e cable for harsh environments features a highly flexible flat profile and proprietary extruded silicone encapsulation. Temperature rating is -65° to +260° C. Cables are submersible, with resistance to steam, salt water and de-ionized water, as well as to chemicals, acid, oils, alcohol, and ozone. In repeated flexing applications, the Cat 5e cable features a repeated bend radius of 0.9 inches, and a cycle life exceeding 10,000,000 repetitive flexing. It also features a Durometer Rating of Shore A, 65. In addition, the cable is approved by NASA for space flight, is designed to exceed outgassing specifications for vacuum and space use, and is rated for radiation exposure to 10-7 Roentgens.

Wire mesh support system

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Upgraded Flextray wire mesh support systems combine a familiar wire basket design with the newly acquired Flextray brand of wire mesh support systems. Several patented accessories are designed for fast installation, while Flextray’s “T” weld safety edge protects both the cable and the installer during installation. In addition, the company is offering the Flextray Certified Installer program, which offers in-depth training exercises and hands-on installation techniques to qualified installers. The certification program covers NEMA, NEC and UL code compliance, and offers tips on grounding, support spacing and selection, and fill and loading calculations. The course qualifies for BICSI continuing education credits, and upon completion, certified installers receive a 10% discount on their first order of Flextray products.

Universal blanking panel

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Patent-pending Scale-IT rack blanking panels are designed to help data center managers keep heat at bay with a one-size scalable solution. The one-piece panel seals airflow gaps between panels, and scales up or down to fill rack unit openings of any size. The panels are rigid, hold their shape, snap together, and are re-usable. The RoHS-compliant solution is offered in a 19” EIA 1U form factor and is compatible with any style 19” EIA vertical mounting angles (VMAs). According to the company, the design allows IT or facilities personnel to quickly cover large openings in a rack without fastening every panel. Scale-IT’s lightweight, flat plastic construction is comprised of UL94V-0 fire-rated material. Panels are available in packs of 10 and 100.

Within-wall mounting plate

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Caddy line of fasteners now includes the MP1WWM Within Wall Mounting Plate, designed for installing low-voltage cable, phone, and data lines. It mounts inside the wall to prevent gaps between the faceplate and mounting plate. Yellow markers indicate correct installation, marking dimples identify the accurate location for a cutout in the wall, a tether pulls it into place, and securing pins lock the plate in place to help prevent movement. The MP1WWM is UL-listed.

10-Gbit fiber system

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The HiPerLink Fiber Plug and Play solution has been designed to quickly deploy a network infrastructure in any type of environment. It is offered in cassette-to-cassette, cassette-to-connectors, and cassette-to-work area outlet configurations in 10-Gbit LC and SC styles. All assemblies are factory tested and perform with an insertion loss of <0.3 dB. The HiPerLink Fiber Plug and Play solution complies with TIA/EIA-568.B.3, FOCIS-5, IEC-61754-7, and supports the IEEE 802.3ae 10-GbE standards. It includes a 15-year end-to-end performance warranty.

Fusion, mechanical cleaver

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The LYNX cleaver is built to perform high precision cleaves required for fusion and mechanical splicing, and is especially suited for the company’s FastCAM connectors. The LYNX works with 250-µm coated and 900-µm buffered fibers. With a guaranteed cleave angle of 90° +/- 0.5°, the device’s 16-position blade allows for approximately 48,000 cleaves. The LYNX also includes a built-in waste holder. It can be purchased individually or as part of two FastCAM Tool Kits; one includes the cleaver, lint-free dry wipes, alcohol pads, and a jacket stripper, while the second includes the cleaver, work tray and gooseneck LED, dry wipes, alcohol pads, and a jacket stripper. The work tray and LED are also offered separately.

Surge-protected panel

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The RMSP-CAT6-4 is a 1U 19” patch panel with four Category 5E/6 Ethernet surge protector modules to protect telecommunications equipment. It employs ultra-low capacitance semiconductors, designed to ensure superior high frequency response and improved return loss for the four data pairs on each line under surge protection. Modules are designed for simplified field repair in the event of a catastrophic surge event. The unit is 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE)-compatible for normal or reverse polarity systems, and can be used with 10/100/1000 attached devices, such as switches, routers, access points, IP surveillance cameras, and IP phones.

Bend-insensitive trunk cable

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This fiber-optic bend insensitive HLC trunk cable is designed for data centers, CATV headends, and private networks. Designed with proprietary HLC Scratchguard technology to promote durability and performance, the trunk cables feature Draka’s bend-insensitive fiber in 10x and 100x versions. Cables can be configured in loose tube or tight buffered designs, and with various fiber counts and lengths. They are supported with all standard fiber-optic connectors, including SCAPC HLC.

10-GbE, IP tester

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The XTT 5000 is a compact 10 Gigabit Ethernet multi-function test system, designed to speed installation and maintenance of Ethernet and Internet Protocol (IP) services. Field technicians can use a single, all-inclusive test system for installation and maintenance of 1 GbE and 10 GbE networks. The XTT 5000 can perform simultaneous and independent tests at full line rates over its three test ports for 10/100 Mbit, 1 GbE and 10 GbE. Additionally, advanced traffic generation up to Layer 4, including stacked VLAN (Q-in-Q) and MPLS, enables testing of wholesale as well as retail Ethernet deployments. A built-in test time feature provides an estimate of the length of time a test will take at the configuration stage to optimize test execution and technician productivity. A quick latency feature, says the company, can reduce RFC2544 test time by up to 50%. Technicians can also save profiles for repetitive tests, speeding subsequent installations and troubleshooting by reducing set-up time.

Category 6 RJ-45 plug

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The RJ-45 shielded MP8 Category 6 plug is designed to terminate either AWG 24 to 27 stranded wire or AWG 24 to 26 solid wire cables. Designed in accordance to ISO/IEC 60603-7, the plug features 360° shielded protection, with pre-sorting of the wires for simplified termination via a crimping tool. Strain relief pressure is fully absorbed by the cable jacket, preventing damage to the wires. Cable boots in a variety of colors are also available.

Surveillance controller

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This surveillance system controller offers compatibility with both traditional Pilot matrix switching systems and ViconNet digital video management systems. It may also be used with ViconNet’s Virtual Matrix Controller that simulates the operation of a crosspoint matrix system. The V1500X-SCCS controller, housed in a modern silver enclosure, features a touch-sensitive LCD screen that provides control of the various systems through the use of changing menus that vary by mode. A joystick, jog/shuttle wheel, and traditional keypad work in tandem with the touch screen. The unit provides the ability to select cameras, monitors, presets, tours, and salvos, and to control standard PTZ, lens, auxiliary relay, lens speed, auto-pan and auto-iris functions. Up to eight macros can be set and recalled, each featuring up to 32 steps.

IP video software

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AutoIP video management software for network video IP devices is designed to automate the steps required to configure cameras and the underlying network. This open-platform product is compatible with many major IP camera manufacturers, and is especially suited for small to mid-sized surveillance installations. AutoIP can scale to support system growth, and features an intuitive graphical interface and automated configuration.

40-GbE assembly

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This very-low-profile QSFP direct attach copper cable assembly is “fiber-like” in size for QDR InfiniBand and 40-GbE aggregate applications. With a diameter of 0.170” for a 4x channel, 8-pair cable, the company says the cross-section savings is 37% compared to its other cables and 58% compared to typical industry offerings. This cable is targeted at high-performance computing applications, where a large percentage of port-count interconnects are 2 meters or less (e.g., in top-of-the-rack switching installations). The design allows for simplified routing as well as cleaner dressing of the cables in high-performance computing (HPC) environments. The cable is also designed to be less prone to interfere with the closing of cabinet doors in dense environments. A proprietary low-loss expanded PTFE fabric features an extremely low dielectric constant (1.3), allowing for smaller diameter cables with the same 10-Gbits/sec electrical performance of larger outside diameter cables.

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