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Southwire’s BENDstation rigid workstationContent Dam Cim Print Articles Volume 25 Issue 7 1707cimproductfocus Photo 2

Most electricians have at one point or another experienced the fatigue and time loss that comes with using a traditional mechanical-style bender. Southwire has found a solution to this problem and expanded its bending tools with its BENDstation rigid workstation. The company says the BENDstation enables maximum optimization of workspace, incorporating material handling, bending, cutting and threading into one mobile unit. Riding on four wheels, the workstation allows electricians to move around the job site easily with more convenience and speed. The unit comes complete with a 60-inch workbench top, as well as a built-in protractor for accurate bends. In comparison to other options, Southwire claims that the BENDstation rigid workstation requires up to 40 percent less force to bend conduit, due to its ratcheting style bender with an improved gear ratio. This feature can help to reduce worker fatigue and possible work-related injuries, notes the company. The mobile conduit-bending workstation is suitable for use with three-fourths-inch and one-inch IMC and rigid conduit.


Allied’s Super Kwik-Couple conduit and elbows1707cimproductfocus Photo 1

Allied Tube & Conduit’s Super Kwik-Couple conduit, available in both GRC and IMC conduit and GRC elbows, is listed to UL6 and UL1242. The patented coupling allows the Super Kwik-Couple conduit to connect to both threaded and unthreaded product. Allied says the Super Kwik-Couple conduit eliminates the need for combination fittings and field threading. The patented steel super-coupling can be factory installed on IMC and rigid conduits and rigid elbows, and is available in trade sizes from 2.5- through 4-inches. Sporting a flexible design, Allied’s Super Kwik-Couple conduit allows users to transition from GRC to IMC or EMT formats with no need for threading equipment, special couplings or tools.

Allied Tube & Conduit,

Vis Divide helps increase conduit capacity for cable deployments1707cimproductfocus Photo 3

Developed by Milliken Infrastructure, a division of Milliken & Company, the Vis Divide is a segmented, rigid HDPE conduit that allows companies to double or triple their conduit capacity. Available in 1.5- and 2-inch sizes each with 2 cells, and soon to be available in a 2-inch, 3-cell version, the Vis Divide conduit was designed specifically for the following applications: directional drilling; trenching; plowed, and direct-bury. A fabric divider that is molded directly into the Vis Divide creates dedicated pathways for the placement of multiple cables in a single conduit. By increasing cable capacity, use of Vis Divide leads to less wasted space in each conduit, says the company. The fabric divider protects cables to ensure no cable-over-cable damage. “The Vis Divide improves construction productivity, thus saving money,” adds Milliken. “In addition to construction costs, using fewer conduits also reduces handling, storage and transportation costs.”

Milliken Infrastructure,

Dura-Line’s PowerPath conduit1707cimproductfocus Photo 4

Dura-Line’s PowerPath is a single bundled product providing both power and bandwidth. Smaller than the diameter of a dime, the conduit’s construction combines two 20-AGW insulted copper wires for low voltage power and a 5mm MicroDuct for fiber placement. Ideal for use in PoE environments where DC power is required at distances greater than 300 feet with installation performed by low-voltage contractors, the MicroDuct pathway is riser rated to UL 2024 for interior use, and provides protection and fast installation of a single fiber for connected devices. Applications include security, industrial and home automation systems.


HellermannTyton’s HelaGuard flexible conduit and Ultra fittings1707cimproductfocus Photo 5

HellermannTyton says its HelaGuard line “redefines the promise of developing impregnable conduit systems.” The company says the “standard weight, flexible, nonmetallic nylon conduit delivers liquid-tight performance [and] is designed to be highly impact-resistant while remaining flexible.” The HelaGuard Ultra fittings secure conduit connections with convenient, snap-on fittings. The Ultra fittings combine all the typical separate parts of a fitting into a single unit, states the manufacturer. This significantly reduces installation time and labor. Both the HelaGuard Ultra fittings and PA6 Standard Weight conduit are UL listed.


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