Marking and Labeling Equipment

Dec. 1, 2015
Collection of products for the cable markets.
Full-page mobile printer

From Brother Mobile Solutions, Inc. (BMS), the PocketJet 7 mobile printer is a full-page mobile printing solution engineered to offer new levels of flexibility to mobile workers in various industries including home healthcare, transportation, public safety, pest management and professional field service organizations. With printing speeds up to 8 pages per minute, the PocketJet 7’s Freedom Architecture technology ensures across-the-board software compatibility, resulting in instantaneous interoperability with smartphones, tablets and PCs built on iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Mobile operating systems. The new printer series features models which are out-of-the-box ready to print, without the need for additional software development or OS drivers. Strategic advancements include support for Apple’s AirPrint wireless technology on the series’ PJ-773 model, while the Bluetooth PJ-763MFi model enables users to seamlessly print from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

Brother Mobile Solutions, Inc.,

Pre-printed “Fiber Optics Only” labels

The pre-printed “Fiber Optics Only” labels from William Frick are an able alternative to labels printed on site “because they are so much more durable,” says the company. Now contractors can easily mark and identify fiber-optic cable racks and ducts in central offices, data centers, and network centers, while saving time and money over the cost of constantly replacing labels that won’t hold up to repeated handling. The product’s long-lasting, aggressive adhesive ensures labels remain securely affixed to mounted surfaces. Polyester laminate protects against scuffs and scratches. Sold in packs of 100, the labels are available in both horizontal and vertical configurations.

William Frick & Company,

Portable label printer

Take on the daily rigors of any cabling installation job with Brady’s BMP21-Plus Label Printer. This portable labeling tool features drop-lock-and-print cartridges, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, field-ready rubber bumpers and a two-year warranty. Supporting tape widths from 0.25 to 0.75 inches and 70 total material parts, the BMP21-Plus supports automatic-label formatting for wire wraps, patch panels, terminal blocks, cable flags and general banner labels. With a label grabber that holds the label after cutting, the printer includes 104 symbols for datacom and other applications.

Brady Corporation,

Highly conductive silver nanoparticle inks for printed electronics

Nano Dimension Ltd., a printing electronics specialist in the area of 3D printing, recently announced its AgCite line of conductive silver nanoparticle inks for inkjet deposition. Among its attributes, the AgCite family of inks sinters at low temperatures and is suited to a broad range of substrate surfaces, including paper, polymers, glass and a range of coatings, applied using inkjet printing. Nano Dimension can also custom formulate inks for specific printing processes and applications, enhancing adhesion, flexibility and hardness. This formulation expertise makes the AgCite inks applicable for a wide variety of advanced printed electronics applications, including RFID, OLED lighting, circuits, screen bezels, solar, sensors and other applications requiring high conductivity. A patented, highly efficient and environmentally responsible nanoparticle synthesis process enables the unique properties of AgCite inks, says the company.

Nano Dimension Ltd.,

Printed memory labels combat counterfeiting

To help businesses and government better secure products as they are distributed, Xerox has introduced two printed electronic labels (also known as “printed memory”) that can collect and store information about the authenticity and condition of products. The Xerox Printed Memory product is a highly secure, printed label containing up to 36 bits of rewritable memory which can store up to 68 billion points of data. The labels, for example, can be used to determine if a product is genuine and to track how it’s been handled during distribution.

The second product, Xerox Printed Memory with Cryptographic Security, includes a unique, encrypted printed code (such as a QR bar code) to the memory. It can only be read by authorized personnel using a reader which interfaces with a secure smartphone application.


PC-compatible thermal transfer printer

K-Sun and Epson codeveloped the LW-PX900, which the companies describe as a “rugged, portable and PC-compatible thermal transfer printer with exclusive smart features.” The printer comes with a lifetime warranty and is designed to create labels in accordance with the TIA-606-B standard. The tool includes features such as drop-stop, pick-and-print and mixed length, along with removable magnetic feet for vertical hands-free operation.

The drop-stop feature holds a label after it is cut so it won’t drop out of the printer. Pick-and-print automatically pauses after printing and cutting the first label in a series, and resumes printing/cutting when the label is removed. This feature eliminates the need to continuously type and print labels. Mixed-length lets the user create a strip of variable-length labels with a half-cut for easy removal and application, which significantly reduces tape waste.


Simplifying complex jobs

Dymo recently announced the launch of its XTL series of industrial labelers. Outfitted with an array of time-saving features designed to make complex labeling jobs simple, the Dymo XTL 300 and Dymo XTL 500 label makers are billed as “the most radical, innovative and technologically-advanced series of label makers, cartridges and software to join the Dymo family.” Both the XTL 300 and 500 label makers are equipped with a life-like on-screen print preview (the first of its kind on a Dymo labeler) that showcases exactly how labels will look when applied to cables, pipes, patch panels and more. Additionally, hundreds of pre-loaded label templates further simplify the often-complex industrial labeling process by saving time and helping to eliminate mistakes. The Dymo XTL 500 label maker (pictured) is engineered to simplify the labeling process and end common frustrations often associated with creating complex labels to meet industry codes and standards.


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