Cabling Installer Tip of the Month

Another animated version of a Cabling Installer Tip brought to you by Cabling Installation & Maintenance

We're pleased to bring you another Cabling Installer Tip, pulled from our magazine archives. Longtime readers will remember that for years the pages of Cabling Installation & Maintenance magazine included a section called Cabling Installer Tips, in which installers shared with one another tricks of the trade.

Most often these tips focused on methods of getting cables, alone or in bundles, through a difficult pathway or uncooperative building space.

Earlier this year we revived the Tips online, with the twist that they are now animated.

In February we showed you how to use an industrial vacuum cleaner to get cable through stubborn conduit.

This time around, we tackle the sometimes-difficult task of fishing cable through an insulated wall. When charged with that task, installers often have difficulty with the cable becoming snagged in the insulation. Traditional fishing tools such as fish tape, or a string with an attached weight, frequently fall victim to this snagging.

The solution, as is explained and demonstrated below, is to begin with a beaded chain. using a beaded chain as your fishing tool will reduce the frequency with which the cable snags against the insulation. The chain won't knot and will roll off obstacles more easily than is the case with other methods.

To see this tip in animation, click the "Play" button and enjoy!

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