Sheaves feed cable into conduit

Utility-grade tools from General Machine Products ease undergound installation of copper cable.

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The Cable Feeding Sheaves from General Machine Products (GMP) are the newest additions to the company's line of products for installing copper cables underground. Fiber-optic cable bend-radius requirements restrict the sheaves from use with that cable type.

GMP says the sheaves speed up installation time, reduce strain on installation technicians, and minimize the extent to which cables can slip during an underground install.

They are available in multiple sizes, accommodating 2- to 6-inch Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 ducts. According to GMP, using the sheaves is not complicated. The technician slides a sheave into the end of a conduit and rotates it to align with the desired cable direction. Doing so allows the cable to be fed-in smoothly from any angle.

The sheaves are made of steel and incorporate a half-circle, split-tube design that the company says allows for easy insertion and removal. Rollers are available in aluminum alloy or Nylatron; GMP says the rollers feature maintenace-free, self-lubricating bearings that result in a smooth cable feed.

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