Demarc extensions explained

The critical cabling circuit is mandated by the FCC but often clouded in confusion for the network owner.

In a video posted on YouTube, Demarc Extension Nationwide explains the technical, regulatory and standards issues surrounding the extension of the demarcation point between the public and private network. Demarc Extension Nationwide refers to this circuit as "the most important cabling channel in a telecommunications enterprise network," and points out that the demarc extension "is federally mandated for the installation of all circuits."

"The demarc extension is governed by Part 68 of the FCC's regulations by which cabling and ECPE [edge customer premises equipment] interface to the local access provider network," the company explains in the video - adding that over the years since deregulation took place in 1984, the industry has lacked a consistent set of standards dealing with the demarc extension.

Furthermore, the lack of standardization frequently causes confusion among building owners and access providers over which entity is responsible for the circuit. The four-minute video succinctly traces the history of the demarc extension, and describes some of the issues that building owners and network managers deal with today.

Demarc Extension Nationwide is a provider of circuit-extension services on lines such as T1; DS1 and 3; OC3, 12, 48, 96 and 192; Frame Relay, Ethernet and others.

You can see the demarc-extension video here.

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