Cabling Icon contest seeks to find the world's best installer

Winner of the multiple-round contest carried out through social media will receive a cash award of at least $5,000.

Combining social media with the well-honed skills of cabling installation, Cabling Icon has been launched as an online contest that guarantees its winner at least a $5,000 cash prize. Contestants enter Cabling Icon by submitting a two-minute video entry along with a written application.

A dedicated website,, has been established to facilitate the contest and guide each entrant through the process.

"Running the contest through social media, Cabling Icon allows participants a high level of exposure that, years ago, was only available from the participation in large-production TV reality game shows," said Dennis Mazaris, president of Concert Technologies and creator of the Cabling Icon contest. "With the audience, contestants and promotional partners involved and interacting on so many levels, all participants will see a benefit to Cabling Icon, not just the winner of the contest."

Cabling Icon is open to anyone 18 years of age or older who "has the drive, skills and talent to compete against other competitors from around the world," the contest's organizers say. "Even if not currently working as a field installer or technician, those with an interest in the ITS industry are encouraged to participate and rally their votes through social media. Those interested in entering the 2012 Cabling Icon contest are asked to submit their application and two-minute Round 1 video as soon as possible. Online voting and a panel of judges will determine which contestants will move on to the next round." The contest will include four rounds. (Disclosure: Cabling Installation & Maintenance chief editor Patrick McLaughlin will serve as one of three judges for the contest.)

In addition to the cash prize, the winner of Cabling Icon will receive:

  • The Golden Punch Down Award
  • An embroidered 2012 Cabling Icon leather vest
  • Bragging rights and recognition as the 2012 Cabling Icon titlist

Cabling Icon is also seeking promotional partners; all money contributed by such partners will be added to the cash prize that the contest winner receives.

The 2012 Cabling Icon will also have the opportunity to apply for participation in the 2012 BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge, to be held during the BICSI Winter Conference in February 2012. If the Cabling Icon is already a BICSI-credentialed Installer or Technician and is selected by BICSI to compete in the Skills Challenge, that individual will also receive, courtesy of Concert Technologies, travel to Orlando for the 2012 BICSI Winter Conference and Expo; hotel accommodations at the conference's host hotel, the Disney Coronado Springs Resort; meals during the trip; and 40 hours worth of wages. If the winner of Cabling Icon is not already a BICSI-credentialed Installer or Technician, BICSI will provide the winner with one scholarship to a BICSI ITS Cabling Installation Program Course, which will provide the individual with the opportunity to qualify as an applicant for the 2012 BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge.

Full details on submissions, timelines and other information about the Cabling Icon contest are available here at

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