Concert Technologies, BICSI form marketing agreement for Cabling Icon contest

Contest can provide significant exposure for BICSI's ITS Installers and Technicians.

Concert Technologies, organizer of the Cabling Icon contest, and BICSI have entered a marketing agreement related to Cabling Icon. "BICSI brings important educational and training aspects to the 2012 Cablnig Icon contest," Conert Technologies said in a release announcing the agreement with BICSI. "The 2012 Cabling Icon may apply to participate in the fifth annual BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge, which will be held at the BICSI 2012 Winter Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, FL February 12-16. The BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge is an exciting, multi-day event in which competitors race against the clock and each other in several fast-paced events, such as fiber termination, cable assembly and SCS installation, in an effort to be crowned Installer of the Year."

If the 2012 Cabling Icon does not meet the BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge requirement of holding either a BICSI ITS Installer or Technician credential, BICSI will award the winner with a scholarship seat to a BICSI ITS Cabling Installation Program course. Should the individual pass the associated exam and become credentialed by BICSI, the 2012 Cabling Icon will have the opportunity to qualify as an applicant for the 2012 BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge.

Daniel Morris, RCDD, chair of BICSI's Installation Committee, said, "Concert Technologies has developed a unique concept by utilizing online video posting for entries into their Cabling Icon contest. We are very excited to see the overwhelming opportunity for exposure this event can provide to ITS Installers and Technicians. If the Cabling Icon winner qualifies and is selected to participate in the BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge this February, they will be put to the ultimate test by competing in our live, hands-on event against other BICSI-credentialed competitors. Coupling Cabling Icon's social media concept with the opportunity to compete hands-on in the BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge makes for a very thrilling combination."

Dennis Mazaris, president of Concert Technologies and creator of Cabling Icon, said, "We are excited to have BICSI working with us for the Cabling Icon contest for many reasons. To be able to have BICSI provide an educational scholarship to the 2012 Cabling Icon opens doors to that individual's career path beyond the cash prizes offered."

The Cabling Icon will receive a minimum cash prize of $5,000 for winning that contest, as well as the Golden Punch Down Award plaque and an embroidered Cabling Icon leather vest. The winner of BICSI's Cabling Skills Challenge receives a $5,000 cash prize.

Complete details on the Cabling Icon contest are available here.

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