Cerro Wire optimizes packaging, shipping of copper electrical wire reels

Wire reels are now labeled with large tape announcing the wire size, and are in some cases transported using vertical cradle pallets.

Hartselle, AL -- Cerro Wire LLC, a manufacturer of copper electrical building wire and cable, recently announced a set of packaging, shipping, and delivery advantages designed to make wire reels easier and safer to ship, while improving inventory and stock keeping.

The company's wire reels are now labeled with large tape announcing the wire size, making it far easier to view wire size from a distance than standard labeling practices. Wire size is also printed directly on the wire in a large size (MaxPrint) to improve identification. Further, items placed on a pallet of mixed goods are carefully organized, with products grouped together and labeled with an itemized label which includes a piece count for that pallet, making verifying inventory with shipping manifests more efficient. Barcode scanners are used to insure a very high rate of accuracy in the picking process. Cerro Wire also labels special cut reels, so the customer knows exactly where that reel needs to go on a job site.

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Additionally, for reels that must be shipped upright on their flanges, Cerro Wire now uses a vertical cradle pallet, which ensures that the reels do not roll in the truck and can be unloaded easily in an upright fashion. In a press release, the company contends that "most other wire manufacturers nail reels in place, so the customer has to remove nails and other packaging materials before unloading the reel. Manufacturers that ship large reels flat on their sides force distributors to use unsafe flipping techniques to unload the reel that risk breaking reel flanges and risk damaging wire. Cerro Wire ships it the way the customer wants it, whether vertical on a cradle pallet or flat on regular pallets."

“We have given a tremendous amount of thought to developing packaging and shipping techniques that help our customers tell how much of each type of stock keeping unit is on a pallet,” said Barry Medendorp, Director of Supply Chain for Cerro Wire. “Nothing is hidden, labels face out and we layer all goods; we also group items together so products are easy to locate.”

More Info:www.cerrowire.com

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