Cable labels can be turned, repositioned after installation

Panduit says its Turn-Tell Labels eliminate the need to install new labels after a cable pull because they can be moved post-install.

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The Turn-Tell Labels from Panduit can be rotated around the cable and repositioned up or down the length of the cable after they are applied. The labels are pressure-sensitive and self-laminating.

The label's ability to be moved after being put onto the cable improves ease-of-installation and flexibility among installers, technicians and cabling-plant managers who will need to see the label for identification and/or troubleshooting purposes, according to Panduit. Additionally, the company says, installers will save time and material because of the ability to reposition the label after pulling the cable and cutting it to final length for termination.

They are available in sizes that accommodate cables from 0.12 inches to 0.95 inches in diameter, and can be used with Panduit's PanTher brand thermal-transfer printers as well as the Easy-Mark labeling software package.

Panduit describes the Turn-Tell's features and benefits as follows.

  • Design allows label to be moved after installation - Allows label to rotate for visibility from any angle and allows repositioning on the cable to align legends for improved aesthetics. This capability also saves time and costs associated with relabeling.
  • Wrap-around wire/cable label - Permits labels to be installed on terminated wires/cables without disconnecting, for increased productivity, performance and cost savings
  • Perforated adhesive-backed anchor - Facilitates easy installation and prevents unintended movement in vertical or high-vibration applications
  • On-demand labeling capability - Allows users to print labels in an office using the software package or in the field using the PanTher handheld printer
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