DoD-approved systems, data security contractor ExPat expands business to include fiber telecom infrastructure

Expat Telecommunications (Rathdrum, ID) announced that it now offers installation services for fiber and data systems.

ExPat Telecommunications (Rathdrum, ID) announced that it now offers installation services for fiber and data systems. Acknowledging a significant increase in Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) demand and the infrastructure requirements associated with this technology, the company says it is ramping up its inventory and adding installation crews to service the added requirements of its new business.

"For now, we're going to focus our efforts on servicing hospitals, educational campuses, and correctional facilities in an effort to get them up-to-date in the shortest time possible," says Steve Cardoza, president and CEO of ExPat Telecommunications Inc.

Cardoza continues, "Data requirements for business and municipalities have changed over the years as the new technology demands higher bandwidth which in turn requires a faster infrastructure. For example, we are seeing more HD cameras make their way into the world of corporate and domestic surveillance systems. Often times these are integrated into an existing security system that requires added bandwidth to process larger amounts of information creating the need for more structured cabling."

ExPat Telecommunications became established as a provider of systems and data security while working alongside US Forces in Afghanistan as an independent contractor. A decorated Vietnam and Gulf War veteran, Steve Cardoza served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan before founding his own company and returning to the conflict zone to help rebuild infrastructure.

Established in 2005, Expat Telecommunications is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business that specializes in voice and data infrastructure; the company says it can reverse engineer and develop proprietary connectors (mold design) for clients complete with blue print drawings, or, as an overlay to existing prints/drawings. Proprietary software enhancements are detailed for exact life-like replication of cad models.

Expat Telecommunications is a Department Of Defense (DoD) approved contractor for working within the US (CONUS) and working abroad (OCONUS) operations. The company is also EIA, TIA, and NEC compliant and offers the following telecom services: fiber optics and cabling installation services; physical security for OCONUS operations; data center and data security provisioning; and network endpoint encryption security systems design and implementation. Encryption technology includes 1028 bit VPN data connections; redundant data center designs in the event of a catastrophic failure (Linux/Unix); and commercial transportation and courier services which include HAZMAT and SEI.

Expat Telecommunications LLC
Steve Cardoza, president - 208-255-638

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