How-to video for cable tray installation

Cooper B-Line's FlexTray system highlighted in a series of videos.

Cooper B-Line has introduced a how-to video detailing the installation of its Flextray system. The video "was designed to be used as both a training tool for personnel familiar with the cable support system, and also as an introduction to the product for new customers and their employees," the company says.

According to the company, the video provides the following information.

  • How-to instructions on installing the system
  • The safety equipment needed during installatiion.
  • Demonstration of how the tray's "T" weld edge protects the cable and the installer
  • Detail on how sections of the system can be cut and bent to the installer's needs
  • Various support or mounting methods of the Flextray system

Cooper B-Line's president Kevin Kissling said the company is constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency for users of the company's products, and the development of this video is an example of that effort.

The video is available here on the Cooper B-Line website and here on YouTube. The complete video is approximately 19 minutes in legth, but on each site users also can find shorter videos on individual aspects of the system's installation.

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