Contractor lingo defined, explained

A cabling distributor describes what contractors really want when they ask for a beenie, sleeper or mushroom.

If you have ever heard a contractor talk about beenies, batwings, a mud ring or a top hat and wondered what they were talking about, a post on The CSC Blog can help. Communications Supply Corporation's blogger Stephanie Rembiszewski recently posted a list of jargon often used by cabling installation contractors to refer to common network and cabling products.

"Apparently, there is a different language one learns in the contracting business," Rembiszewski wrote on the blog, adding that her intention with the post is to "interpret (to the best of my ability) just a few of the terms contractors use."

In addition to the above-mentioned terms, the post interpets terms including M&Ms, speed bumps, mushroom, beaver, biscuit, spudger and others.

You can read Stephanie Rembiszewski's blog post here.

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