MDU fiber cables meet ICEA-730 draft specification for low-stress installation

New Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) cables from Superior Essex meet the rigorous installation requirements of the ICEA-730 draft specification.

Atlanta, GA -- Superior Essex claims it is the first to offer Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) fiber cables that meet the rigorous requirements of ICEA-730 draft specification for MDU fiber cables, providing users with assurances of reliable installation and performance.

The company's two new MDU cable offerings, available now, include a 3 mm simplex Compact MDU cable and a 5 mm simplex Rugged Indoor MDU cable. The 3 mm simplex Compact MDU cable is ideal for low-stress installations where space is a premium. The 5 mm simplex Rugged Indoor MDU cable is more robust and can handle installation tensions as high as 100 pounds. The cables are available with a single G.657.A2 or G.657.B3 compliant bend-resistant singlemode fiber.

ICEA-730 defines both the optical and mechanical performance requirements for MDU cable and their installation, including tight bends and the use of cable staples.

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