Fire-alarm and security-control cable

Product line comprises a variety of cable design and construction types.

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Superior Essex recently introduced a product line of fire-alarm and security-control cable. The product line is wide-ranging in terms of the cables' construction.

It includes riser- and plenum-rated multi-conductor and coaxial cable. The riser-rated cables offer combined Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listings of CL3R and FPLR. The plenum-rated cables offer the combination of UL CL3P and FPLP. Superior Essex explains, "This benefit provides greater application flexibility for commercial installers. Additionally, the product line includes time-saving installation features such as CableID and QuickCount, and is packaged on light-weight plastic reels."

A fire-alarm and security product guide is available to view and download from the company's web site. You can download that guide here.

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