Modular enclosure is tailored for fiber backhaul, business services

Alpha Technologies has issued its modular Flexible Backhaul Enclosure (FBE2322-ENC).

Alpha Technologies has issued its modular Flexible Backhaul Enclosure (FBE2322-ENC), designed to deliver expansion and climate control options in a single package for current and future fiber backhaul and business service needs. The FBE modular platform includes the enclosure lid, an auxiliary and base equipment enclosure, a battery expansion enclosure, and various mounting options.

The enclosure can be customized according to climate-control needs with the addition of direct air cooling, a heat exchanger, or an air conditioner. Alpha offers various standard configurations, but can also custom design an enclosure to meet specific customer needs.

"The FBE modular design is engineered to allow our customers to customize the enclosure to meet current requirements with flexibility for future expansion," explains Jim Heidenreich, vice president of product management and customer service for Alpha. "Our customers want the ability to grow with increasing demand and this modular platform allows them to do so in an economical manner."

Heidenreich adds, "We are able to ship integrated power systems wired to fiber backhaul and business service enclosures. Installation errors are kept to a minimum since every enclosure is consistent in appearance, wiring, and function. By ensuring reliable operation from day one, we help customers minimize long-term maintenance, while reducing installation time and cost."

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