Installer video shows tight space fix for fiber-optic cabling, distribution panels

Youtube's The Fiber Ninja tries several possible fixes before arriving at a solution involving creative deployment of flexible, sectional Telect fiber troughs.

Pennwell web 120 90

A YouTube video posted by a cable installer known as The Fiber Ninja details his steps in re-working a tightly spaced bay of fiber distribution panels and cabling in an arrangement that, at time of initial installation, was left either poorly protected or, in some cases, entirely unprotected. Working at the remote site and tasked with adding new distribution panels below an existing one, the installer tries several possible overhead cabling configurations before arriving at a fix. The solution involves creative deployment of flexible, sectional Telect fiber troughs in replacement of an originally installed "flex hose-and-horizontal raceway" layout.

You can watch the video here.

Pennwell web 120 90

Visit The Fiber Ninja's YouTube channel.

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