Video shows good, bad firestopping systems

The International Firestop Council and Underwriters Laboratories teamed up to show how firestop systems can be deployed correctly, and how they can go wrong.

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A video produced by the International Firestop Council (IFC) and available for viewing on the organization's website illustrates methods and materials that can be used to create effective firestop systems. The IFC collaborated with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to create the video.

In it, viewers can see footage of tests, conducted within UL facilities, of firestop systems. On several occasions, footage shows properly firestopped penetrations alongside improperly firestopped penetrations, under test. For example, the still image at the bottom of this screen was taken from the video. It is a visual demonstration of what can result when an improper insulation material is used to firestop a wall penetration.

You can view this video, as well as others produced by the IFC, here.

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