UK athletes mount major network cabling upgrade

Time-lapse video footage shows work performed during a major network cabling upgrade for a UK pro soccer organization.

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A recent Youtube video from Data Cabling Expert TV details a professional network cabling upgrade as it is installed for a sports organization (soccer club) in the UK. The cabling upgrade takes place over a UK Bank Holiday weekend; the time-lapse video footage shows one of one of the facility's four rooms undergoing the course of the work.

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The cabling installation project team from BICSI/RCDD-qualified specialist cabling contractor ACCL audits and recovers over 3000 patch leads, and replaces over 2000 of them. Five data cabinets are replaced and installed in what is touted as the the first 10-Gigabit HP network installed in a UK stadium. The network's users eventually booted in unaware that a major upgrade had taken place, claims the video.

Watch the video here.

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