Q&A roundtable discussion polls data cabling technicians

New video from CableSupply.com.

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CableSupply.com has posted a new series of Youtube videos documenting a Q&A roundtable discussion with three field-seasoned data cabling technicians from Nova Voice & Data Systems (CableSupply.com's parent company).

The interviewed technicians specialize in voice and data communications for small and medium-sized businesses. In the Q&A session video, which is broken up into 4 parts, the techs address various questions as submitted by YouTube viewers and CableSupply.com customers.

Questions for the data cabling technicians include:

-- "Why do color codes and sequence standards matter in data communications? Don't the wires just need to match?"

-- "Why use the T568B color sequence standard instead of the T568A standard?"

-- "Is it true that the most recent recommendations call for using the T568A standard on all new installations?"

Watch the videos here.

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