Category 6A shielded jack tested to 600 MHz

Aug. 2, 2012
BTR Netcom's C6Amodul connection system is available in 'modul' and 'keystone' installation options.

The C6Amodule jack from BTR Netcom complies with the ISO/IEC 11801 Cat 6A component specification and is GHMT (Gesellschaft fur Hochfrequenzmesstechnik) certified. BTR Netcom says the modules "impress with their extremely high system integration capabilities and can be easily integrated into existing E-DAT modul and keystone system applications." The jack is available in the "modul" (bottom image, left) and "keystone" (bottom image, right) installation options.

The module has a 360-degree shield connection, the manufacturer explains, accommodating mating with patch cables in sizes AWG 26/7 - AWG 22/7 and AWG 24/1 - AWG 22/1. "The robust and reusable zinc diecast housing can be closed effortlessly by hand," BTR Netcom says. "With its closing, a secure and permanent bond is made with the cutting contacts. Other advantages are the strain relief via the latching clip directly on the charging unit, and smart cable management, which is also suitable for highly twisted cables. Optionally, a dust cover is also available for the C6Amodul."

BTR Netcom further explains the jack's role and value in a structured cabling system: "Internationally standardized and powerful network components are important for sustainable, structured cabling systems. The C6Amodul connection system presents the ideal solution. The flexible module provides an excellent basis for the entire cabling of buildings, regardless of the existing communication applications. ... It fulfills the Cat 6A/Class EA standard according to ISO/IEC 11801 ed.2.2.:2011-06 for high demand applications in the range of up to 500 MHz bandwidth. Assembling requires no special tools, as it is simple and therefore cost-efficient. The component has been tested up to 600 MHz and the link up to 800 MHz. Because of the three available cable-feed variants - 90, 180 and 270 degrees - the new module can also be used efficiently in small spaces."

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