Video shows proper firestop-inspection techniques

The International FireStop Council urges inspectors to look for much more than just red caulk; video lists and describes in detail the four steps to proper inspection.

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A video on the website of the International FireStop Council (IFC) demonstrates how to conduct proper inspection techniques on installed firestop systems. Appropriate for authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ), cabling- and firestop-system installers, as well as managers of installed cabling and firestop systems, the 18-minute video presents properly and improperly installed systems, emphasizing the differences between them.

It begins by tackling the "red caulk" myth, which contends that as long as a penetration is filled with red caulk and there's a UL seal on the caulk tube, the penetration is properly firestopped. The video points out that often components other than caulk are also required to properly firestop a penetration, and also that some effective caulks are not red in color.

The video then details the appropriate inspection steps. Specifically:

  • Step 1 - Confirm barrier type
  • Step 2 - Confirm penetration type
  • Step 3 - Confirm opening size
  • Step 4 - Confirm fill materials and accessories

The video provides significant detailed discussion as well as visual demonstrations of each step, describing and showing correct and incorrect installations. It also addresses the reality that destructive testing sometimes is necessary to confirm proper firestop system installation.

You can watch the video on the IFC's website here.

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