ETA members to save $400 on Corning fiber-optic training

Aug. 1, 2012
ETA members will save $400 on fiber-optic training presented by Corning at the upcoming 2012 ETA International Education Forum.

The 2012 ETA Education Forum announced that ETA members will have the opportunity save $400 on fiber-optic training presented by Corning at the 2012 ETA International Education Forum.

At the event, ETA members will save $400 on Corning's TS-LAN-500 Hands-on Comprehensive Installation Technology Course for optical multimode and single-mode local area networks (LANs). The course is being offered by a qualified instructor with Corning Cable Systems, on October 15-19, 2012 from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (EST) daily at the Dixie Chopper Business Center, Greencastle, Indiana.

The original fee of $2099 is discounted to $1695 for ETA members and $1795 for non-members. The ETA Fiber Optics Installer (FOI) Certification exam is included, a $150 value. Space for the training is limited.

Video:How to splice fiber-optic innerduct

Corning calls its TS LAN 500 is "a five-day course that prepares craftspeople for all aspects of fiber-optic cable installation in a LAN environment." Both multi-mode and single-mode fiber types are covered in the class.

Cable placement, fusion splicing and mechanical splicing, cable termination (connector installation and pigtail splicing) and acceptance testing are taught with extensive hands-on practice. Students build, test and troubleshoot complete systems in the class. Also covered is the use of equipment, hardware and procedures pertaining to building distribution and campus applications.

Offering hands-on workshops and presentations by industry professionals and covering a wide spectrum of technologies, the upcoming forum event and annual international technical conference is billed as the ideal venue for educators and technicians to join together to explore new opportunities and form valuable business relationships.

As a complement to the Fiber Optics Installer Workshop, ETA International will have its board chairman, Bill Woodward, co‐author of Cabling: The Complete Guide to Copper and Fiber‐Optic Networking, 4th Edition, signing his book at this year’s forum. He will help kick off the networking reception at the Inn at DePauw Thursday evening, October 18 beginning at 7:30.

This book is known as an acclaimed resource for students and cabling technicians. The newest edition is billed as a definitive, hands-on guide to both copper and fiber-optic networking, and contains expert advice, best practices, and pages of the latest industry specifications and standards.

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"Follow the golden rules of cabling, explore all the different types of cables, see why cutting corners is a bad idea, discover the obstacles to high-speed data transfer, and more, while developing the skills to design and build a reliable, cost-effective cabling infrastructure," says the book's jacket copy.

For more information on the 2012 ETA Education Forum, including full registration, session descriptions, speaker biographies, and sponsorship opportunities, contact the Event Coordinator, Michele Altman, at (800) 288-3824 or visit the website at

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