Snap-Line captive fasteners replace traditional screws in 19" data center racks

Nov. 7, 2012
Dirak’s new series of Snap-Line fasteners securely joins two metal panels and can be used anywhere standard fasteners are used.

Dirak’s new series of Snap-Line fasteners securely joins two metal panels and can be used anywhere standard fasteners are used. Multiple options are available, including a line of captive fasteners, which are intended as replacements for traditional captive screw and nut applications commonly found on 19” data center racks and similar products in the telecommunications / computer industries.

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Dirak says that its Snap-Line captive fasteners offer the following "direct advantages over traditional captive screw and nut" applications:

-- Installation without tools or hardware with no need to purchase expensive installation equipment. End-users can install Dirak's captive fasteners themselves without tools or other equipment.

-- The captive fasteners eliminate concern of mounting hardware becoming loose and falling onto sensitive electronic equipment.

-- Use of the fasteners simplify the supply chain, i.e. the OEM does not need to specify the fastener early in the design phase, nor manage a complex global supplier network.

-- End-user flexibility: Final production units can be shipped directly to the end-user who can determine which product solution is best for their specific application. The end-user can select from different actuation methods such as hand or tool operable, the type of tool preferred for actuation, or the fasteners that meet specific industry security standards.

Dirak says that most of its Snap-Line series fasteners feature its proprietary D-Snap technology, which is designed to ensure a secure, vibration resistant attachment to the panel while eliminating the need for tools and mounting hardware. Fasteners that feature the D-Snap technology are installed simply by pushing the fastener through the panel cutout. An optional spring facilitates easy removal. Both captive and non-captive fasteners are available.

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Other target applications for the new line of fasteners, according to the company, include: industrial machinery; medical equipment; and transportation and off-highway vehicles. More info is available at

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