Sumitomo unveils mass fusion splicer enhancements

Nov. 12, 2012
Sumitomo Electric Lightwave's new Quantum Type-Q101-M12 Dual-Heater Mass fusion splicer features dual independent heat shrink ovens, automatic pre-tension clamps.

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave has introduced its Quantum Type-Q101-M12 Dual-Heater Mass fusion splicer, the second product in its Quantum Splicer series. According to the company, the new product's design is based on market demand for a multi-fiber fusion splicer that provides improved MPO connector functionalities, plus speed and performance efficiencies for high density data center, enterprise, and communication networks.

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To meet the need for growing MPO network connectivity, the new Quantum Mass fusion splicer features automatic clamp force adjustment and real-time clamp force calibration capabilities for 1-12 fibers. These features minimize fiber-to-fiber offset when ribbonnizing loose tube fibers or splicing MPO connectors onto round cord loose tube cables, yielding consistently low insertion loss. With a typical splice time of 14 seconds and 55-second heater cycle time, the new Quantum Mass multi-fiber fusion splicer also features dual independent heat shrink ovens for up to 70% increased splice efficiency, and can perform a 12-fiber splice in under seventy seconds.

The upgraded Quantum Mass splicer incorporates both touch-screen and keypad interfaces to offer technicians a preferred choice. Other enhancements include: Internet remote maintenance; an SD port for virtually unlimited data storage; and download/upload capability for work-related splicing project data, training videos, audio, and software.

Without compromising full splicing functionality, performance, and ruggedness, Sumitomo contends that the new design is also among the industry’s smallest (4.72W x 6.06D x 4.96H inches) and lightest (2.0 kg) multi-fiber fusion splicers, optimized for use in confined spaces characterizing the data center, enterprise network, FTTx and outside plant work environments. Despite its small footprint and light weight, the new Quantum splicer provides a generous 640 x 320 fiber view and features long electrode life, while complying with stringent shock, waterproof, and dust-resistance requirements.

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“By continuing to listen to the customer, we have launched the most advanced, reliable, and user-friendly mass fusion splicer in the industry,” claims Joshua Seawell, director of the Lightwave Network Products division at Sumitomo Electric Lightwave. “We are grateful to our customers for their valuable input, which is the foundation of our continued leadership in providing the best and most advanced fusion splicing technology. “

Sumitomo says the new splicer is compatible with the Lynx2 CustomFit splice-on connectors for customized, on-site cable builds and terminations. Orders and shipping for the unit begins in January 2013.

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